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  1. bolensst140

    funny mower story

    so i got on my jd 345 to go get the mail and it kept stalling and i was confused and just kept going but what i found out was the fuel pump was going out the little hole on it which just happens to point on the muffler long story short i bought a new electronic fuel pump and wired it off the...
  2. bolensst140

    LOOKING FOR A HOOD FOR A 1995 jd 345

    mine kinda cracked in the winter and i went to open it and it absolutely fell apart all over the ground need a new one stat its my work horse.
  3. bolensst140


    dont know what kind its all there just no fuel lines
  4. bolensst140

    WANTED carburetor for 350 Chevy small block

    need just 1 its not a double carb its to rusty to rebuild.
  5. bolensst140

    how to start my business

    i have no neigbors that need a person to cut their grass but i need some money to start it and a truck advice guys?
  6. bolensst140

    bolens st140 not starting

    it used to turn over i put gas in it and new fuel line now it wont even turn over it also hasn't actually ran in like 10 years