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  1. JDgreen


    LMF is still around...not sure if I am going to return but if that f**tbreath troll Mower Moronic is still around I won't bother to be back...:laughing:
  2. JDgreen

    Where's jmurray 01?

    He is never on TBN these days, either.
  3. JDgreen

    How did my profile page here get 2,233 visits?

  4. JDgreen

    Front Porch is STILL DEAD DEAD DEAD

    So what else is new.......:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  5. JDgreen

    Same old, same old

    Have not logged into LMF since I posted the news of my new JD. Just took a look at what I have missed (???) Yeah I sure have missed a LOT. As mundane and boring as Facebook and MTF can be, they are an improvement over bland, dull LMF. So, excuse me for bailing out. BKBrown, Twall, JMurray...
  6. JDgreen


    Just purchased my new 3720 with 72 inch 7-Iron deck yesterday afternoon...the dealer gave me 0% financing and $1500 trade in credit for my 60 inch 7-Iron deck from my older Deere. I am keeping my older 4210 to move dirt and snow with but it will no longer perform mowing for...
  7. JDgreen

    Anybody here know what Twall told me just before he left?

    "This site is no fun any longer. I am tired of the trolls, the whiners, the members who do nothing but complain and contribute nothing, while sitting back and b-------g about those who DO CONTRIBUTE". Well stated, Twall, and I don't blame you one bit for bailing out. :thumbsup:
  8. JDgreen

    "Unstoppable" movie

    Viewed it on HBO last nite, and thought the authorities and railroad employees were really stupid waiting until the last minute to try and use a portable derailer to stop the train. Any decent sized tractor with a backhoe and FEL could have been used in an isolated area to remove several...
  9. JDgreen

    Anybody want FREE TREES?

    Spent 2 hours today yanking a dozen Autumn Olives out of my back 5 acres, tearing them out by the roots takes less time then cutting them down with a saw and it retards regrowth a lot better. Some places actually SELL these trees as seedlings why anybody would want to pay for them and plant...
  10. JDgreen

    Firepit redo

    First picture shows my bonfire pit with old patio stones, rusty surround and ugly stump in the background. Spent $31 for new galvanized window wells, and 4 hours hauling up fieldstones to replace the patio stones, and cutting out the stump with a chain saw. Love doing little things like this...
  11. JDgreen

    Anybody want to post of pic of themselves THIS TIME???

    Why are people here so bleeping reluctant to reveal what they look like? I started a thread about this quite a while ago, and only FOUR of the members here, (me inclusive) posted a pic of, BKBrown, Twall, and Murray Furry. WTF is the matter with you guys, too ashamed of how you...
  12. JDgreen

    RobertBrown, what's with the new avatar?

    I remember when BK Brown told us he felt the avatar of my black and white cat was menacing, but that was NOTHING compared to the one you are now using. :laughing: I am terrified whenever I see it....why the change?
  13. JDgreen

    Indycar driver Dan Weldon

    I have never paid much attention to the news of car racing, but the magazines I subscribe to and the newspapers keep publishing stories about his death. I have never understood the purpose of auto racing in the first place, it's basically a huge waste of fuel and tires. Used to be the big 3...
  14. JDgreen


    He has dropped off the radar again, I am sure a LOT of people here wish I would do the same....:laughing:
  15. JDgreen

    Anybody on LMF recognize or know anything about this zero turn?

    It's a Dixon, think about a 2000 model. Is there anyone here on LMF who can advise me about this mower or have any idea how to adjust the drive system? It is reluctant to turn left, although right turns are easily made. Thanks for any advice!!
  16. JDgreen

    Funniest prank you ever played on a co-worker?

    Back when I worked in Facilites for a large state office building, we had the front area off the street designated for pickup and drop off of passengers, and several more spots reserved in back for delivery and maintenance trucks. Our staff were forbidden to use the spots for our own vehicles...
  17. JDgreen

    Your Laff 4 2 day

    Saw this on the rear window of an S-10 truck at the Goodwill store, had to share it with you guys. Hope you get a laugh before it gets deleted....:biggrin:
  18. JDgreen

    Hooray for me, darn it....

    You guys are gonna (bleep) your pants at the deals I found at the local Goodwill store today. First off, an '84 vintage Olympis 35 mm film camera, complete with OEM case and manual, in VG condition, for $3.99. Needed only batteries, listed it on Ebay for $70 and sold it in two hours. Also...
  19. JDgreen

    Gadget for you dog lovers...

    Saw this at a Goodwill store yesterday priced at $3.99, I know a guy who owns a pet store, emailed him the pic, he told me in reply he sells the same item for $6.99. WHAT A CONCEPT !!! :laughing::laughing:
  20. JDgreen

    Got any fall color yet?

    Took these pics yesterday, the colorful ones are maples, orange is sugar maple...the bare tree behind it is a black walnut, they always drop their leaves early (green/yellow).
  21. JDgreen

    Home made mulching plate

    Have so many leaves, I hate to mow them over with a mulching push mower. Made this deck block off plate from aluminum stock, you cannot see the "L" brackets, but they are slotted so I can adjust the distance between plate and deck opening. The pic of the leaves shows how well it will keep them...
  22. JDgreen

    New rototiller..? I think not.

    Was at Sears last Saturday, checked out the clearance section of the lawn and garden area, they had a Craftsman 5 hp front tine model on closeout for about $225, it was a return that someone used for about an hour and didn't like it...regular price was about $400. Thought about buying it, but I...
  23. JDgreen

    Any other regular blood donors here?

    Been donating blood since 1993, currently working on getting to the 9 gallon mark....
  24. JDgreen

    Good news !!!! (for me anyway)

    Wife is taking her parents on vacation next week, they will be going to Alabama to stay at the beach. So happy I don't have to go. To me it seems just plain STUPID to spend four days driving there and back and pile up 2500 miles, spend $350 for gas, just to waste most of your time sitting on...
  25. JDgreen

    Repair tip that may be handy

    Wanted you guys to see what I tried yesterday....was installing a trailer hitch on one of our cars, it's a unit-body car, had to drill a pair of 1/2 inch holes in the underside where the body is boxed in, the holes had to be accessed from the openings at the rear, and you had to somehow install...
  26. JDgreen

    Why does LMF has all these brand-specific forums that are rarely used?

    Allis-Chalmers...4 threads Dixie Chopper....9 threads Jacobsen....6 threads Walker...12 threads Etc. I say combine all the low-participation forums into one "Other Brands" section.
  27. JDgreen

    Still no member of the month here?

    It was proposed some time ago that LMF have a Member of the Month, as does TBN, and the idea was noted as being considered by Muhammad. Any update?
  28. JDgreen

    No wonder I am nuts!!!

    Spent about two hours yesterday cleaning the black walnuts off my front yard, had about another half loader bucket full after dumping this first one. My cleanup method involves using the pickup tool shown, if the nuts are thick on the ground, I use the trash bin to toss them in while it is...
  29. JDgreen

    Anyone else here going to miss Andy Rooney?

    Have read all his books, tried to see every ending on "60 Minutes" thgat I could....perhaps I admired Andy because he is just like opinionated, grumpy old fart who knows it all.....:laughing::laughing:
  30. JDgreen

    Sunday afternoon humor

    My boss called us in for a staff meeting, and asked us to try to find ways to save time while doing our jobs. About a week later, he called me into his office, and asked me, "The customers are asking me why you never answer your phone these days....?" My response was, "Sir, 99% of the time...
  31. JDgreen

    Garden cleanup time

    Photos show the huge mass of squash vine tendrils I took out of the garden plot yesterday and dumped on my brush pile, amazes me that $8 worth of squash sets you could hold in both hands can grow to all this....
  32. JDgreen

    Labor rates....RIPOFF

    I started a thread over on TBN about the common scheme of a dealer trying to soak you for "document preparation fees" when you buy a new vehicle, tractor, or trailer. Over 100 responses so far, and the thread has gradually evolved into a discussion about dealership labor rates. The latest...
  33. JDgreen

    Your Laff 4 2 day

    I just remembered seeing an ad in the local mini newpaper, the Wheeler Dealer, some years back that read as follows: "Selling my (insert brand name) low hours ultralight aircraft, completely rebuilt after my last crash. Price negotiable....." Now, don't you wonder why he wanted to sell it...
  34. JDgreen

    Do you buy lottery tickets?

    Time magazine reported today that the odds are: Of winning the big payout on Powerball are 1 in 195,249,054 Of dying because a meteorite strikes Earth, are 1 in 700,000 :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  35. JDgreen

    Went to the local GM open house today

    Their Delta assembly plant, where they build the GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, and Chevy Traverse SUV's was open to the public for several hours today. But you could only view a limited area of the line, you got to watch them putting trim and dashes and glass into the newly painted bodies, and...
  36. JDgreen

    More fun at work

    As the lead carpenter at our Facilities warehouse, I had to supervise a lot of temporary employees from Manpower, Victor, etc. Many of them asked me to write them a reference, in the hopes of getting a more permanent job after they left our employ. Well, there was this one temp who was a so-so...
  37. JDgreen

    Fun at work

    Was remembering today about the favorite prank I used to pull on temporary guys at work, part of my job was to recieve shipments of office components that were palletized, boxed up, and shrink wrapped. The shipper would sometimes ship a pallet of boxes that had an odd number and in order to get...
  38. JDgreen

    Are you a TRUE mower and small engine addict?

    Give yourself credit for being an addict, if you would spend an hour tearing down something like this 1978 vintage Honda F-215 tiller engine just to salvage the handful of metric bolts you might use in the future. Give yourself double credit if you would think about rebuilding the engine and...
  39. JDgreen

    Phantom messages

    Frequently, when I begin to compose a new thread for a forum, I get a quick popup that is like the display here that tells you "you have a new private message" but it is only onscreen for a second, so I cannot really read what it says. Does anyone else experience this problem?
  40. JDgreen

    Ready for winter, yet?

    Me, just getting started, I make a long list if things to do about the end of September.
  41. JDgreen

    Garden bounty

    Was a fair year to grow tomatoes, terrible year for green peppers, fantastic year for green beans, hot peppers, and butternut squash. The picture shows about half the squash we was 107, from EIGHT DOLLARS worth of sets....the little green ones on the table top show their size...
  42. JDgreen

    Post a pic of the trailer and tow vehicle you use for lawn care purposes

    My trailer cannot hold my JD, but I carry mowers, my generator, etc. around with it, plus plus pick up sand, stone, topsoil, mulch, etc. Rite now it has a 500 pound stump in it I just picked up at my in laws.
  43. JDgreen

    My cat's favorite trick

    His name is Zeke, so I call this one, obviously: "Hide-N-Zeke....." :laughing:
  44. JDgreen

    I made it to the 2500 mark

    Took me 10 months to reach the 1,000 post mark here on LMF, and then only six more months to reach 2500 posts. Yes I am tooting my own horn, because you sure would if you were in my place.
  45. JDgreen

    Your laff 4 2 nite

    Does anybody see the irony here?
  46. JDgreen

    Is it okay to postwhore?

    IF you are very close to a big, important milestone in a forum?
  47. JDgreen

    Do you live in an area that regulates grass and weed heights?

    Everyplace I have owned property, the local authorities have mandated that in property occupied, at least to a certain depth of the lot, grass and weeds be permitted to grow to a maximum of eight inches in height before the owner is considered to be in violation of the laws. Seems pretty stupid...
  48. JDgreen

    Morbid humor

    When I retired back in late 2002, I began keeping a list on my Blackberry memo pad as a reminder when someone I formerly knew during my career passed away. This morning I entered the 30th name, which really bothered me, it shouldn't, because I knew about 2,500 people when I was working. Well...
  49. JDgreen

    Front Porch is DEAD DEAD DEAD

    No Twall, no JMurray, and I am tired of keeping things going maybe somebody else should contribute once in a while. Almost never visit LMF anymore for obvious reasons. How am I going to get to the 2500 post mark without postwhoring unless the rest of you contribute? Yeah, you know who you...
  50. JDgreen

    My volunteer project

    Pics are of the project my township asked for volunteer labor for, have spent 2 days there from 7 to 5 and am going back tomorrow. Townshop had funds for barrier free playground equipment but no funds to install so they asked about 40 people to volunteer. Biggest, most complex setup I have...