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  1. 2018 Ford F- 150 XLT 4X4 5.0

    2018 Ford F- 150 XLT 4X4 5.0

  2. 2018 FORD F - 150 XLT 4X4  5.0

    2018 FORD F - 150 XLT 4X4 5.0

  3. Ric

    The New Mustang 5.0

    Just Purchased a 2017 Mustang 5.0 for the wife to replace her BMW
  4. 20170420 100923

    20170420 100923

  5. 20170419 193145

    20170419 193145

  6. 2017 Mustang 5.0

    2017 Mustang 5.0

  7. Ric

    Do you ever Optimize your computer

    Do you ever Optimize your computer and if so how often do you Optimize and run a cleanup on your computer?
  8. Ric

    Insurance Institute Small overlap front crash test for large pickups
  9. Ric

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8"

    For those looking to purchase a Tablet: Last week I was at Office Depot and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8" (The next Best Thing Going) According to Samsung. It's a great little tablet. it also comes in a 9.7" if your looking for something a little larger. Galaxy Tab S2 8" is the...
  10. Ric

    Photo test

    Uploads still don't work. All I get are picture codes. Your Latest picture section on the home page is the same, you'll have img-code-jpg the same in the photo album section. Some of the Mod features also don't work. The last message from the forum that was posted to my Yahoo Home page was...
  11. Ric

    Fire HD 8, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB

    Is anyone using the Fire HD 8, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB Amazon Tablet? Thinking about one and wondered if anyone had any thoughts.
  12. Ric

    Fords New GT Super Car

    Ford’s next-generation twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine 600 plus HP
  13. Ric

    I Robot/Roomba Vacuum

    Has anyone have or ever used one of those I Robot/Roomba vacuum cleaners? Just wondered if they really work. Bed Bath and Beyond have a 20% off coupon, helps with the price tag.
  14. Ric

    Spread Sheets

    If anyone uses spread sheets like Excell for anything Try Apache Open Office. It's free and works well. It's compatible With MS Office 2000/ 2003/ 2007 and replaces MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Download OpenOffice Suite | Productive.Tools
  15. Ric

    Which Combo Kit

    Looking to purchase a Drill/Driver Combo Kit. What model to Buy? Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita or RIDGID. What Batteries to buy NiCad or Lithium-Ion. Opinions on which to buy?
  16. Ric

    New Ford Atlas Pickup

    Ford Atlas
  17. 2015 F 150 XLT 5.0

    2015 F 150 XLT 5.0

  18. Ric

    Photo Galleries & Uploading Photos

    Yeah it came up as a little one inch photo and my album is fine with the photos I previously posted a long time ago but I can add anything to any of the albums, it just comes up as an attachment number. same as when I try to insert an image in a post, it's just the attachment number. Like this.
  19. Ric

    Photo Galleries & Uploading Photos

    What has happened to being able to upload photo's, why are they uploading as attachments only???????
  20. 2015 F-150

    2015 F-150

  21. Ric

    My New 2015 F- 150

    The new Aluminum Body. What a difference.
  22. Ric

    New Stihl BR 450 CEF Electic Start Blower

    Anyone seen one of these: All NEW Stihl BR 450 CEF Electric Start Backpack Blower
  23. Ric

    Briggs & Statton sued for patent infringement

    Has anyone heard about this?? Associated Press Posted: 09/22/2015 12:01:00 AM CDT | Updated: a day ago A Nebraska unit of Bloomington-based Toro Co. has been awarded $24.3 million in a patent infringement lawsuit against Briggs & Stratton. The Lincoln Journal Star...
  24. Ric

    Mower Throwing Up Lots Of Grass Clippings After Gator Blades Installed

    It's on the bottom of the blade at the end, just one side or end.
  25. Ric

    Windows 10

    Well how many are going to download there new Windows 10 Today. I'm waiting to be notified and mines going to happen ASAP.
  26. Ric

    Thinking about a new computer

    Anyone had any experience with this one or any information. Likes or dislikes? Toshiba Satellite 15.6-Inch Touch Screen (S55-B5282 Intel Core i7-4510U processor 12GB DDR3L memory offers multitasking power...
  27. Ric

    Stock air to canister air filter system

    Anyone ever change from a stock air filtration system to the canister style on the FS series Kawasaki engines ? What's the cost involved?
  28. Ric

    Red neck Rocket launcher

    The Redneck Bottle Rocket Launcher Screams AMERICA for Fourth of July
  29. Ric

    Exmark Brings EFI Propane Innovation to the Vantage S-Series Stand-On Rider

    Exmark Brings EFI Propane Innovation to the Vantage S-Series Stand-On Rider By Drew Tyson, June 2, 2015 Exmark has unveiled the latest addition to its industry leading line of EFI propane commercial mowers the Vantage S-Series Propane 52 stand-on...
  30. Ric

    Toro's new My ride Suspension

    Toro Introduces New MyRIDE Suspension System on Select Z Masterョ Mowers By Drew Tyson, June 15, 2015 The Toro Company is excited to introduce the all-new MyRIDE suspension system available on select Toroョ Z Masterョ zero-turn mowers. Built for...
  31. Ric

    Videos and pictures

    Anyone having problems posting picture and videos? When I try all that comes up are img numbers or URL's, is it the site or my computer messing up?
  32. Ric

    Price Point Mowers

    Price Point Mower Article You see the ads every Sunday from your local 釘ig Box Stores? you know the ones, the orange place and the blue place. They advertise a brand new John Deere mower at a price point comparable to brands with far less reputation. Like you I was amazed that they could...
  33. Ric

    Raptor SD cut quality - any recommendations?

    Well as I said your Kentucky blue grass is much like our Bahia grass, it's grows as a single chute with its own root system and like our Bahia is a thin blade grass and somewhat harder to cut. I can also tell you St.Augustine can be pretty dense grass. I can also tell you by looking at your...
  34. Ric

    Raptor SD cut quality - any recommendations?

    Ok I said I'd post some pictures. The pictures of this lawn were taken this morning after the clients had watered so it was plenty wet as you can see the water standing in the flowerbed. The next picture is just as I was getting started. Third is the roadway portion after mowing once. The last...
  35. Ric

    Raptor SD cut quality - any recommendations?

    Unless your planning on a five day mowing schedule I'd say you have more problems than you know. I mean really, your mowing 5 days worth of very dry growth with a mower that has a 18.900 FPM Blade tip speed and mowing only just over an inch of grass and your still leaving clippings something is...
  36. Ric

    Please help me purchase a new mower to mow 1/2 acre. I have specific requirements.

    That's a pretty good deal if you purchased the 2166 for $630, what year and Check out some of these prices
  37. Ric

    Please help me purchase a new mower to mow 1/2 acre. I have specific requirements.

    I guess on that unit hours don't make any difference when the company themselves say there a sealed unit and don't require oil maintenance. I posted page 11 off your PDF for you and it explains it with 8 steps, it's not my spin as you say it's what the company says. Sorry but I don't drink
  38. Ric

    Craftsman Owners Group

    Craftsman Owners stop in and discuss your Mowers, Trimmers, and Lawn equipment. .Join Our Group and post some Photos and let others see your equipment.
  39. Ric

    Toro Group

    Have a Toro Lawn Mower, Push, Self Propelled, Lawn Tractor, Wide Area Walk Behind. How about the Grandstand or A Zero Turn. Lets talk about the Pro's and Cons. Join Our Toro Group and post some Photos and let others see your equipment.
  40. Ric

    Which ZTR to Purchase for Residential Use? Suggestions Appreciated

    No No I wasn't referring to your name. It's just something about certain people that has always bugged me and it's really not worth getting into. It would just start a
  41. Ric

    Which ZTR to Purchase for Residential Use? Suggestions Appreciated

    Well I don't know who knows more or if letters before or after ones name makes a difference or not but the problem as I see with his statement that commercial mowers are being designed to be used by professionals so require proper maintenance I find a little off because I see more commercial...
  42. Ric

    Briggs and Stratton no oil change

    Ok Guys the all hail to the mighty reynoldston threads are removed so lets all take a
  43. Ric

    Upgrading my mower

    OMG If I could ask a question, what is your purpose in wanting this 30 or36" mower???
  44. Ric

    Upgrading my mower

    Before cut/Mulching After cut/ Mulching The TM was set on 3.5 so you can see how much was cut and what was left and it was wet.
  45. Ric

    Upgrading my mower

    I think anyone would rather just pay for it upfront but buying the mower at 0% interest is like paying cash for it or upfront. You can pay it off anytime you like with no penalty. My minimum payment is $146 a month on a $6100 loan and I generally make at least twice that and more depending on...
  46. Ric

    changing oil

    Which way does your engine sit? My Z is mounted sideways. The oil filter is in the back. The hole is like 5" X 2 1/2" wide and there's nothing under it and the oil from the filter drains through into a can. The Hydros are to the front of the hole as well as the pto.
  47. Ric

    Wood floor for trailer

    Wow HC (interesting)
  48. Ric

    LawnMowerFanatic's 2015 Equipment/Work Thread

    Wow, I just got a knock at the door and one of my clients just gave me a Toro Recycler. Thing looks almost new.
  49. Ric

    cub Cadet Commercial 36 inch walk behind mower

    If he's interested the 36" CC Commercial looks like this. They used to cost $2495 new but I don't know how much it would go for now.
  50. Ric

    I phones

    Just wondering how many of you guys are actually using an iPhone the post messages here on the form?