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  1. IMG 20180614 140328

    IMG 20180614 140328

  2. DunnDidIt

    Guide To Make Any Push Mower Stripe!

    So if u have a push mower you can lay down stripes like a professional. It starts with sharp blades. If u don't know how to do that, youtube can show you, it's fairly simple. Next you need a trail guard. You know that little flap on the back of your push mower? Some people can get ahold of...
  3. DunnDidIt

    Homemade Sulky

    Just put a paint job on her today!
  4. DunnDidIt

    Rims and tires on zero turn

    Hey y'all I got a swisher xzt60. The zmax. Does anyone know if I'd be able to find custom rims and tires? Doesn't have to be a package BTW. Or does anyone atleast know the bolt patterns and size of the rear rims and tires?
  5. DunnDidIt

    Kohler 17 Command Issues

    13 I'm sorry
  6. DunnDidIt

    Kohler 17 Command Issues

    Kohler 13 Command Issues hello my proline 36 has the kohler 13 command. sometimes its a pain to start sometimes it fires on first pull. I have to use the fuel shut off to kill the motor instead of the throttle cable because the mower takes forever to start if i use the throttle to shut down...
  7. IMG 20180609 150156

    IMG 20180609 150156

  8. IMG 20180612 124944

    IMG 20180612 124944

  9. IMG 20180612 084855

    IMG 20180612 084855

  10. IMG 20180612 084841

    IMG 20180612 084841

  11. IMG 20180608 114221

    IMG 20180608 114221

  12. IMG 20180607 190053

    IMG 20180607 190053

  13. IMG 20180607 133300

    IMG 20180607 133300

  14. IMG 20180607 134726

    IMG 20180607 134726

  15. IMG 20180605 120202

    IMG 20180605 120202

  16. IMG 0281

    IMG 0281

  17. DunnDidIt

    Proline 36 pto problem

    My pto lever will come back up on its own when engaged so I have to have a strap on it. Could that be a lose belt or something? Really like to get it fixed. Thanks in advance
  18. DunnDidIt

    Homemade Sulky

    Just thought I'd show y'all my homemade sulky. Had all the parts laying around. Boughta 5 dollar dolly at a garage sale and took the wheels off. Had the tube steel and plate steel laying around the house. Comments or way to improve are welcomed too
  19. My equipment

    My equipment

    Swisher xzt 60" Toro proline 36 Cub cadet 21 Poulan 21 Kobalt 80v weedeater B&D 60v blower Menard's brand hedge trimmers. Echo 2 stroke hedge trimmers 8x4 trailer Cheap 4 stroke weed eater with Hitachi edger attachment
  20. DunnDidIt

    Advice on Toro T-bar

    So my dad gave me a 36"tbar. And I have to buy a new trans for it because it's stuck in 3rd and I need it to be quicker for my sulky. But anyway sometimes it fires on the first pull and sometimes I have to pull for 10 minutes straight. Y'all think if I just bought a new carb and put it on it...