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    Brand loyalty?

    I look at longevity possibilities, the easy to work on machines seem to be the better built. Are parts available. A determination is hard to make. Cause, owners do not maintain their machines properly.
  2. J

    hydro-lock in a Kohler

    Might also be something wrong with the pull cord , I know sounds crazy.
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    hydro-lock in a Kohler

    Have the same problem with a 2 stroke. Determined that wear from the piston TDC is cocking the piston locking it up. Suggested fix for the 2 stroke is add a thicker gasket on the base to offset the piston in a different spot at TDC. Have not tryed it yet.
  4. J

    STIHL hedgetrimmer HS82 T and R : carburator "H" screw setting???

    Take a micrometer and measure each jet see if a slight difference. Maybe you can't remove the jets?
  5. J

    SD Blades Level

    Not sure of the science behind it but, I have this Snapper, every time mowing dandelions or tall weeds I would look back and they were never touched at least a lot of them. Plagued me for a long time finally called the company and they advised me to lower the front of the deck and it worked.
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    SD Blades Level

    The front of the deck should be lower then the front by turning the adjustment screws in the front each side the same amount. 3/8 lower then the back on level floor.
  7. J

    Ignition coil

    Looks like it should fit, are you grinding the side off a little? Right corner?
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    Stihl love/hate MS251C

    All 2 cycle engines should use 89 octane or better. Saw a collapsed piston from using 87 octane.
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    Tire pops off the rim

    I would guess the bead has been stretched at some position and just keeps creeping until it slips off the rim.
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    Cub Cadet with Briggs and Stratton motor

    Maybe to late for this, Keyway on the Koler should be able to fix by tig welding the chipped area. I have had success with shaft keyways, If you try, a must is to heat the shaft before welding if you do not heat the shaft it could bend. Anyone that wants more detail let me know, glad to share.
  11. J

    How many hours do machines really last?

    Check where the old ones are turned in for a rebate and see how many hours are on them. Some say they like to turn them in around 1500 hours.
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    Briggs V Twin 22HP oil leak under both cylinder heads

    Looks like an exhaust gasket is bad.
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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    30deg edge will last longer, a 45deg. will slice better. Take an axe and try each angle see how each cuts. New blades come with a blunt edge I think for safety reasons.
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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    Have seen new blades without the fine sharp edge, which does not last long at all. Maybe so the new owner does not cut hands when putting them on. Would you know the reason?
  15. J

    Too much compression. adjusted the valves and it got worse

    Good info, knew they were there to make money, the timing of the skit I did not know, very informative and yes Taryl is very good.
  16. J

    Older craftsman 1350 watt generator hard to pull start

    Try some engine starter, I find some of these engines have to be woken up, is the gas valve turned on?
  17. J

    I'm no mechanic, need help...

    Did not read all the responses, had a similar problem , Tiny O rings on the main jet could be the problem idling.
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    Hydro gear 335-0510 spring assembly

    At times I use colored paints especially on springs where they hook up.
  19. J

    Hydro gear 335-0510 spring assembly

    They are great pictures.
  20. J

    Govenor not working

    See if the governor springs are broke, rusty, or disconnected, and loose governor arm.
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    Need help weed eater mower

    If not fixed, Some of the carbs need the main jet cleaned with carburetor jetting drill bits. Or check the valve clearance.
  22. J

    Aftermarket parts

    Have not read all reply's, my experience with Stihl was the gas line is made special at least for an old chain saw.
  23. J

    Rebuilt engine hard to turn over, but then loosens up?

    Have a question I didn't see asked, How does the crank turn over with not pistons hooked up? Did you use slandered or over size rings? very intriguing problem. Hope I don't miss the answer
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    B&S on Generac generator won't stay running

    Had Gen. the filter screen was eaten away clogging the shut off valve, also had carb. problems. Was not run for 12 years.
  25. J

    Massive, massive, paint analysis, no expense spared.

    I buy all my paint for touch up from Home Depo or Lowes $6 to 7 a can.
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    All the sudden starts surging, pic of carburetor.

    As above "Star Tech" had same problem, replaced o'ring runs great. They are very small mine was cracked.
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    LT2000 won’t start

    Had a blower same thing, put a new spark plug in 2 pulls runs great.
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    Tife chains

    Ever thing above sounds right. Chains must be tight they must over lap the inside wall tighten the adjusters. After that this is what I put on Mine on the outside of the tire, elastic cord from a parashot cord dealer tie and stretch cord tie to opposite side use about six of them. Chains been on...
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    Z335e engine surge

    Right, it does not stop vaporization, from what I read it keeps air from entering the tank that holds moisture from collecting in the alcohol that keeps it from gelling. Can give a 2 year protection. Have worked on generators that haven't run since the storm Sandy 10-12 years ago what a mess...
  30. J

    Z335e engine surge

    Yes there are many things. Worn throttle and choke shafts have never so far ran into that problem.
  31. J

    Z335e engine surge

    Most carb. problems can be solved using Fuel Stabilizer. Not one customer came back after sub jesting it and I know it was not for sure what I charged to do the work.
  32. J

    Z335e engine surge

    Another carb problem came about fixing a customers machine, under those metal plugs inside the carb are fuel channels some with a ball bearing check valve can get plugged from setting to long. If you want to trouble shoot and see the problems use a fine tooth comb to find them.
  33. J

    Z335e engine surge

    This is something happened to me. Toro wood chipper, Ran great end of season. Next time I ran it would not run without choking. Persistent to find the trouble on the third time taking apart the carb, on the main jet covering one of the small holes in the main jet there was s peace of gasket...
  34. J

    Compression issue after rebuild

    Why did the crank break? assumed you hit something and now the key is offset on the fly wheel. Replace the key.
  35. J

    Z335e engine surge

    Will almost guarantee the high speed jet has dirt in it. Are very small holes along the jet could be plugged or the main jet that screws into it is plugged , or open the jet with a screw driver. If you get a new carb sometimes that jet has to be drilled out with carburetor drills.
  36. J

    24hp Kohler Hard to Start When Cold

    I have an older Kohler similar problem hard starting in idle, until you increased the throttle. Inside the carb there is a jet that has 2 O-rings very small. Bottom O-ring was cracked, replaced O-ring and all is good. The jet is removable about 1" or so long.
  37. J

    Everything you suggested is one hundred percent correct. Changed belts, cleaned, Customer is...

    Everything you suggested is one hundred percent correct. Changed belts, cleaned, Customer is well pleased. Thank you very much .
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    Lawn Tractor Craftsman 22hp 42" automatic transmission, lurches forward and reverse, after the lerches either direction.

    Yes sir there was plenty of debris in areas you mentioned. In beginning the clutch mechanism felt like it was hanging up. Each time I put a little spray here and there that problem got better. Right now seams the hang-up is a lot better will tell when another test after belts installed. Have it...
  39. J

    Lawn Tractor Craftsman 22hp 42" automatic transmission, lurches forward and reverse, after the lerches either direction.

    You are right in process of ordering belts. Thought they might be more expensive, not so, very reasonable Thank you for the advice. Your a smart man,
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    Lawn Tractor Craftsman 22hp 42" automatic transmission, lurches forward and reverse, after the lerches either direction.

    sorry 917.203900 Did think about the belts, they look in good shape. I know what your talking about, 500 hours. Hate to buy anything unless I am sure
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    Lawn Tractor Craftsman 22hp 42" automatic transmission, lurches forward and reverse, after the lerches either direction.

    AFTER learching in either direction mower drives smooth, does not pop back into neutral unless you step on the break. These machines are a dog to work on, What I have done remove the gas tank lubed the clutch cable and plastic forks, made foot peddle smoother to operate, did not see any broken...