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    Honda GXV 140 engine and aluminum deck

    All, I am cleaning out my shed and have plenty of older Honda parts for the HX 214 and 215 series mowers from the 80’s. I have a complete GXV 140 engine along with the aluminum deck to get rid of too. Handlebars, controls and even wheels and tires. The engine needs a new oil pan gasket. Just...
  2. J

    Honda 214/215 SX Aluminum Mower Deck

    All, I have a nice condition mower deck for the old 214/215 SZ mowers that I want to get out of my shed. Make me an offer and pay shipping from Columbus Ohio and it is yours. I'll send pictures to an interested party.
  3. J

    Honda 214SX Mower for Sale

    All, I have 2 Honda mowers and have decided to sell my 214SX and keep my 215SX. The 214 is a fully made in Japan example of how mowers should be built. I replaced the rings last fall so it is good to go for many more years to come. Anybody that knows these GXV engines know that the only thing...
  4. J

    Bunch of Honda mower parts to get rid of

    All, I have a bunch of lawn mower parts for the older Honda's, 214 and 215 models. I have engine parts, wheels, gas tanks, starter recoils, a complete handlebar with controls and various other hardware sitting in a tote. I thought I would sell some of these parts individually but I am just out...
  5. J

    GXV 120 rings replaced, still smokes a little?

    All, I replaced the rings on my 214SX with the GXV 120 engine this year. I have not used the mower much, maybe three hours total since then. I see a little smoke still with startup and sometimes after running. Nothing like it was before I replaced the rings but still some.The cylinder looked...
  6. J

    Honda HR 214 PX on Craigslist

    I put one of my extra mowers on Craigslist if there is any interest. One owner HR 214 PX. Starts first pull as always but does have the classic worn rings where it smokes for a bit after startup. Bid starting at $69.00.
  7. J

    Compression numbers for GCV 190, GXV 140 and GXV 120

    All, I checked the compression numbers on my 3 mowers, throttle wide open and decompression still functioning. All I did was remove the spark plug and pull hard several times to get these readings. GCV 190 - 91psi GXV 140 - 101PSI GXV 120 - 70PSI I installed new rings on the GXV 120 and oddly...
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    Honda HR 215 SX for sale!

    Hello all, I am thinning my herd of 3 Honda lawn mowers and decided after much thought to sell my HR 215 SX to a person who understands and appreciate these older Honda's build quality and durability. Has the GXV 140 engine, no smoking and is perfect running order. All 3 speeds work, starts on...
  9. J

    Honda GXV 140 engine pricing?

    I have a listing on EBay for a complete mower, Masters Series HR 215SX but wondering if I would be better off just parting it out. The deck has issues as well as one wheel otherwise all works as it should, including drive and blade clutch etc. The motor runs perfectly with no smoke at all, what...
  10. J

    Mulch plug for Honda HR 214/215 series mowers

    I have 2 mulching plugs and only need one. I will list one on EBay but listing here first if there is any interest. It is in great used condition, really noting can go wrong with these anyway. They are selling for around $100.00 on EBay. Listing here for $85.00 plus buyer pays for shipping. Thanks!
  11. J

    Wanted Honda HR 215 SX Grass bag assembly

    I am looking for an grass bag assembly for my older Honda HR 215 SX mower. I have the assembly for a HR 214 that will work but I am thinking about selling that and would prefer to sell that bag with it. Looking for one in decent shape with no holes. Dirty is OK, I can clean it if needed.
  12. J

    Honda GXV 120 engine block and bottom pan for sale

    I have a Honda GXV 120 engine block and bottom pan to get off my hands to someone looking to rebuild. The block needs to have one bolt drilled out and re-tapped where the coil bolts in otherwise it is in good shape. I have not measured the cylinder bore but is is not scuffed too badly. The pan...
  13. J

    HR 214-215 mower deck color

    Has anybody successfully found a paint match for these aluminium decks? I just want a small amount to fix scratches just to clean my project mower up, not go crazy and repaint the whole thing. Brush from a can would work!
  14. J

    Honda HR 215 SX Clutch Cable and Spring Question

    All, I recently acquired a HR215 SX and am in the process of cleaning it up for my personal use. I have a HR 214 SX and know the old product line pretty well but am stumped on this one. The 215 is equipped with the 3 speed transmission compared to the 2 speed transmission on the 214. The drive...
  15. J

    Replacing rings on my GXV120

    All, I am ready to order a new ring set for my GXV120 engine on my HR 214SX mower and want to get the latest style for this engine. I am addressing the worn out ring issue because of the smoke on startup. I thought I read somewhere there is a new style 3 piece oil ring that performs better than...
  16. J

    Best place to buy rings for my GXV120 motor

    All, I am getting ready to tear down my motor on my 214SX to replace the rings due to the usual smoking on startup as these engines wear. Where is the best place to buy the highest quality OEM Honda ringset? I heard the oil ring design has been modified so I want not only quality but the latest...
  17. J

    GXV 120 smoke on start-up

    I am sure there are plenty of threads about this, but I am looking for clarification. My Honda 214 SX with the GXV engine smokes for exactly one minute after start-up then quits the smoking and runs fine. Is this more likely rings or valve guides?
  18. J

    Honda 214 SX for sale

    I have two Honda 214 SX mowers and am selling one of them. This particular mower is made in Japan and is in really nice shape. Mower is extremely clean and the deck, handle as well as controls in great condition. Comes with grass bag that is almost like new. The machine performs its duties...
  19. J

    Leaking carburetors on old HR214SX mowers

    All, I have acquired three HR214SX mowers that were in various stages in need of repairs. All the engines run to a varying degree but one common thread seems to be a leaking fuel bowl on each one. I have tried a new bowl gasket on one and it still leaked and even doubled up on the gaskets on...
  20. J

    Price Check HR 214SX pricing?

    What is a fair price for a excellent condition HR214SX mower from Japan nowadays? Been checking Craigslist and EBay and not really finding anything. At least in my area. Thanks!
  21. J

    HR 214 stalls when engaging blade

    All, I am in the process of rehabbing a recently found HR214 SX and have run into a snag with the blade clutch stalling the motor when I engage it. The engine seems to run fine at both hi and low speeds with or without the blade running but the actual engagement process while running on high...
  22. J

    Newbie saying HI

    Hello all, Just joined this forum and looking forward to watching and participating in the future. I am a member of various other forums and find them to be very informative and is often a two way street as I am able at times to offer input and gratefully accept information from others. This...
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    Newbie saying Hi!

    Hello all, Just joined this forum and looking forward to watching and participating in the future. I am a member of various other forums and find them to be very informative and is often a two way street as I am able at times to offer input and gratefully accept information from others. This...