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  1. afphinfan


    OP: just curious, why are you looking for one that is not run hydrostatic?
  2. afphinfan

    New isx3300 delivered yesterday ...

    Was able to get my JD z930R sold on the same day as my new Ferris got delivered ... so nothing had to stay under the carport instead of the shop. I mowed a few acres of the front yard to see the difference between the 3300, the 930R and my other mower which is is2100z. Wow! Not only is the newly...
  3. afphinfan

    Pricing help ..

    Well its a 2013 with 950 hours but half of new would be approximately $8k, no repairs needed at all. I feel it’s worth what I listed it for but thought I may drop it to a hair under $5k to sell quicker. I figure this is still a good time to sell. Thank you
  4. afphinfan

    Pricing help ..

    I am selling my 2013 John Deere z930R 60" with FX801v, 945 hours. Excellent shape, well maintained and never been used commercially just on bigger acreage personal property. After scouting different places like TractorHouse, etc. I set the price at $5,450. Which seemed on the low range of prices...
  5. afphinfan

    John Deere z930R for sale - $4950 (SOLD)

    2013 JOHN DEERE Z930R (SOLD) Price: $4,950.00 — price drop Hours: 945 Motor: Kawasaki FX801V Original MSRP: ~$13,900.00 60" 7 Iron Pro deck Just completed pre-season service and new battery; ready to mow right now! Never been used commercially, only on large estate. Well built mower, well...
  6. afphinfan

    BadBoy Rogue compared to Ferris is2100z ...

    Hi, I'm in the market to replace my older JD ZTR with a new commercial mower. My primary is a Ferris is2100z that I love; my 14 acres is hilly and rough in some spots and I don't know that I'll ever get it smoothed out in my lifetime. That said the JD will shorten my lifetime as it kills my back...
  7. afphinfan

    What's a fair price?

    Hope this worked out for you and sounds like you were trying to help a grieving family out which is kind of you. I have one of these and would love to find a second one near me for that price. Here in Alabama, its fairly impossible to find Ferris anything.