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  1. Mower King

    Who makes the John Deere branded engines?

    We just sold a used JD zero-turn that was a trade in, it had a Kawasaki engine on it but, had JD stickers on it from the factory. Unless you really know mower engines on sight, a person couldn't tell the real brand of engine.
  2. Mower King

    Briggs & Stratton 49T877 engine parts

    Yes,,, what parts are you looking for?
  3. Mower King

    Oregon Blades pained

    Yes, that is normal.....most all new blades are not "razor sharp" at all!
  4. Mower King

    I going to be more of a pain.....

    Oh yeah...raise your rates to match the rising cost of EVERYTHING, a person has too! And by all means, get back on your regular regiment of coffee, can't take it ( $$$ ) with you so might as well be as happy as you can, while you're here!!
  5. Mower King

    Customers can be a pain at times.

    Yep...seen it several times.....that and have taken shrouds off and seen 3-4 mice "mummyfied" after being slung around at some point when they tried to ride the 'Flywheel" when engine was started!
  6. Mower King

    Adding lights to Rogue

    I just looked at them and put them back in the box, I got no specs on them. They might be on BB web site to look at though.
  7. Mower King

    FR691V with no ID sticker

    It depends on how old this eng/mower is but, Kaw has started putting another eng ID sticker inside the air filter area.
  8. Mower King

    Adding lights to Rogue

    Yep, sounds like you have the mounting figured out. We sold a Factory BB Rogue Light Kit with a new Rogue mower this week and, that is pretty much what is in the light kit. One good thing with the new LED lights are, they use very little amps and are crazy bright!
  9. Mower King

    Adding lights to Rogue

    You could mount a Lightbar on the ROPS or mount the lights on the front of the mower! Yes the factory lights for the BB Rogue are on the tank pods but.....with enough skill and ingenuity, anything is possible!
  10. Mower King

    New isx3300 delivered yesterday ...

    CONGRATULATIONS......that is a SUPER NICE Mower!
  11. Mower King

    Hit a stump and it quit

    It happens, don't be embarrassed about it. I've had people load up big mowers, bring them to our shop because they wouldn't start, struggle to push them off the trailer.....and the mower was only out of gas!
  12. Mower King

    Blade bolts to tight

    165 lbs of air....I tip my hat to you sir!
  13. Mower King

    Bought new 2022 Maverick 60 inch Kohler today

    They are a good mower, you should like it well! Just start it, shut it off and engage blades at full throttle! Run it at full throttle anytime you are using have better results, all around!
  14. Mower King

    Cub Cadet ZT2 goes slow in forward

    Call your Dealer you bought it from and tell them...they should want to look at it for you!
  15. Mower King

    Bad clutch

    They can be stuck on the crank sometimes, just pull on it real good and or spray PB Blaster on the top of it so it can loosen its grip overnite....I use a puller that I made for clutches. When you do get it off, use Anti-Seize on the inside of the clutch when re-installed, so it will come off...
  16. Mower King

    Bad clutch

    Yes, there is a bolt that holds the clutch from spinning on some of the Bad Boys, if you lost the bolt, the clutch spinning could have broke the connector then and not from running into something! When and if you replace whatever you need, use Blue Loctite!
  17. Mower King

    Bad clutch

    This, a broken clutch connector on clutch, can happen from backing the mower into / over something, I've even seen that happen from backing it on a trailer too far.
  18. Mower King

    Just a friendly reminder........

  19. Mower King

    got an ultama with problems

    I don't know but, this guys "mechinics" shop......might be suspect!
  20. Mower King

    Heads up fellows things are getting nasty.

    This is true but, there is nothing you & I can do about it....
  21. Mower King

    NASCAR inside info for 2022

    My cousin (a female) is down at the Daytona 500 in FL. She is in the pits and has a Hot Pass for the Grid also....anyway, I had her ask, someone that would know, if the cup cars are still running "pushrod" engines. She just told me she asked one of Keselowski crew members that question this...
  22. Mower King


    I'm not saying your blades are not hitting each other, that can happen. The blades can also hit the edge of the deck or the deck baffles if they are bent, making about the same sound. Take the deck belt off, spin each blade by should see where and what is hitting / making contact...
  23. Mower King

    Are mowers hard to come by right now

    I've told people this over and over.....I'll say it again, If you want a WARRANTY you can actually count from a Dealership and not a box store and definitely not online and have it delivered for you to assemble!
  24. Mower King

    What's the best fuel for the Toro Power Max 1232 OXHE?

    Believe it or not but, lower octane fuel runs better in most all stock ( non-modified) 4 cycle snow blower, mower type engines! Now 2 strokes are a different deal, they are enhanced by higher octane. Now, without getting all scientific....It's all about the amount of compression each engine has...
  25. Mower King

    USPS isn't what it was.

    It is true...they are NOT what they used to be! True story here, I sent / mailed 10 5hp B&S Alky carbs to a guy in FL, I'm in Mo....after a week, USPS said it was delivered. The guy in FL said he never got it. So I had my wife check into this for me....I was too upset because I figured somebody...
  26. Mower King

    Can't Find A New Ferris

    There are new Ferris mowers out there, our Dealership just got 5 new 2022 models with more on the way. We are in Mid-Mo.
  27. Mower King

    Piston Ring Installation

    They sell a hand-held ring expander tool....they are cheap to buy.
  28. Mower King

    B&S - Vanguard v-twin 16hp static power to power managed

    B&S likes their engines to idle around 1750 but, you can set both WOT and idle RPM at your own discretion and actual application. WOT is usually around 3600 but, that's not set in stone either.
  29. Mower King

    Lifetime Deck warranty is not hhhhonored

    I have to post this from time to time and, after reading some of these replies......I feel it's time to post it again!
  30. Mower King

    New mower belt broke - ISX2200

    We also had trouble getting B&S heads & engines last year. Because of this, my boss ordered 98 2022 Bad Boy mowers all with Kohler, Kawasaki and Honda engines.....not one single B&S. Hopefully B&S gets this turned around as...we are still a B&S dealer and have to deal with them. Then we are...
  31. Mower King

    New mower belt broke - ISX2200

    Yeah....It sounded good but, last year was not a good year with B&S for us, so.....hopefully they are right about what they said, only time will tell....probably won't take long because we're getting close to kicking in our 2022 mowing season!
  32. Mower King

    Lifetime Deck warranty is not hhhhonored

    A LOT, and I mean A LOT of people think a mower warranty covers EVERYTHING no matter what, they seem to be either BLIND, or IGNORANT to the reality of a Mower Warranty! I believe a lot of that stems from buying a mower from a box store, the guy selling it to you is just working there for a job...
  33. Mower King

    Lifetime Deck warranty is not hhhhonored

    In that pic, looks like the right deck spindle deck mounting is cracked all around the right spindle and about to come apart!
  34. Mower King

    New mower belt broke - ISX2200

    I'm glad to hear you got that problem repaired.....Ferris (owned by B&S) is a great mower! I just went to the B&S engine update school yesterday, they said they are scaling-up, including parts manufacturing, and moving forward!
  35. Mower King

    Transmission Hydro Gear

    I would get the Elite going instead of the Magnum if at all possible. The Elite is a larger mower, better frame, larger tires, deeper & better deck, larger serviceable wheel motors....all around better!
  36. Mower King

    Kawasaki Engine Update Class

    Anyone else taking the Kawasaki Engine Update Class this Thurs 1-20-22 ?
  37. Mower King

    We're being spied on...

    I don't have that # in my brain right now but, I go back in Wed......I'll get it then!
  38. Mower King

    We're being spied on...

    I recommend changing from Ultra Black to the Kohler Instant Gasket that Loctite makes or 3 Bond that Kawasaki Engine uses....I use both and in 10 minutes you can start the engine. Try one of them,'ll never go back to Ultra Black!
  39. Mower King

    briggs selling off more

    We just got 4 2022 Ferris mowers in last week of a 21 mower order of Ferris so, B&S is not dead yet! They appear to be built the same as the 2021 but Ferris has changed the paint scheme for 2022 and they DO LOOK GOOD! We'll see this coming spring & summer how easy ordered parts will arrive!
  40. Mower King

    Pop up Ads

    None comes up on me at all.
  41. Mower King

    Snow in TN.

    Up here in Mid Mo, we haven't had much snow to talk about, yet,.....and don't need any to talk about,...even though the smart people say there is Nitrogen in snow that helps the grass grow in spring & summer....I'm just not a snow person!
  42. Mower King

    Husqvarna 125b issues

    I'm going to show my age with this old quote to Rivets and Star but...."there is more than one way to skin a cat" I do know those "cube" carbs on hand-held equipment are very sensitive to adjustment and can be adjusted out of spec real easy, so that they won't even start. Most the pros can...
  43. Mower King

    DC Voltage Output

    This thread has turned into a real pi**ing contest between a few. The OP just wanted to know how to test DC was answered in the first 4 replies, now it's on page 5....LOL
  44. Mower King

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

    Merry Christmas to all.........and a Happy New Year!
  45. Mower King

    DC Voltage Output

    Both AC & or DC output on mowers, can be measured with a OHM meter, while engine is running.
  46. Mower King

    Which 2 cycle brand do you prefer?

    Kinda funny..... about 1/2 of all the replies are about 2 stroke oil type....I don't believe that was the OP question?
  47. Mower King


    IMO.......O.E.M. belts is the only way to go! They might cost more but....they FIT as designed and LAST a lot longer! That's all we have used for decades, and almost never have a problem with them! That's one of the many things I like about the Dealership I work at.... we use almost all O.E.M...
  48. Mower King

    I Hope You Order New Equipment ASAP

    We just got 1, 2022 Ferris IS2200 and 2, 2022 Ferris IS 600 in our Dealership last month along with 44, 2022 Bad Boys. There are more Ferris, Bad Boy's and Cub Cadets on the way! We are in Mid MO
  49. Mower King

    Rebuild time?

    I had one of those Kawasaki pens in my shirt pocket, in the slot where pens go. I lost that sucker going down the road on my Harley last summer......I luved that pen ;-( True story!