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    Check Your New Mowers

    It’s a good idea to check the engine speed of any new mower. There are occasions when the mower’s engine speed is not set to the manufacturers specifications. You can have the dealer verify the full throttle RPMs before taking delivery.
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    Stens Spark Plugs Card Pack

    I was at Tractor Supply today. I was in the mower parts area and looking their spark plugs. They had an extensive selection of Stens card pack plugs. I checked the replacement part for the Champion RC12YC plug. The plug is made in China. Has Stens started repacking Torch brand spark plugs.
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    Who Is Minding The Forums?

    Over the past few days, there has been an all out assault by spammers. I have reported several of them. I’m asking the administration to do a better job at bouncing these clowns, in the future.
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    Toro Buys Spartan Mowers

    The title says it. The link is attached.
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    Review of New Pro Turn 260

    Today, I did my first mow with the new PT 260. The Kohler ZT740 started easily and subsequent starts DID NOT require any choking. Engine speeds were steady with no dropping out. The mower performed well with no problems. I did have to adjust the deck lift pedal and steering handles to suit me...
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    Gravely Pro Turn 160 Headed To Dealer For Warranty Work

    Here’s a little background. I bought this mower on 4/29/2021. It’s powered by a Yamaha MX800V. It currently has 59.4 hours on it. This is the carbureted engine. It gives a good cut. The problem is with engine performance. I didn’t want to do anything other than routine maintenance to it while...