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  1. kd30003

    jd lt150 fuel tank issues >:(

    thank you very much! i'll use this for further instructions.
  2. kd30003

    jd lt150 fuel tank issues >:(

    my "new" mower i bought for $75 will not let me remove the fuel tank. why not?????????????? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. kd30003

    cv15 not grabbing fuel. gummed up lines but not sure about pump

    i bought an older 2005 jd lt150 and it ran good until i tried to drain the fuel. after that this thing hasn't seemed to grab any fuel and put it in the carb. ITS NOT THE CARB!
  4. kd30003

    just starting out :)

    just starting out :)
  5. kd30003

    ~2012 mddghs

    I'm not sure why my mower likes to bounce around on bumps. it feels like a roller coaster. and i can't tell if my hopper is full. I have no sensor on my sprayer and for another minus, the sprayer rod is broken as well. I don't know how i'm gonna use it a lot.