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  1. Padroo

    Hertz car rental is dropping 20,000 EV cars for gas powered.

    I remember Hertz saying earlier that their Teslas had a huge savings in repair costs compared to ICE. This is Australian Hertz news...
  2. Padroo

    IS 5100Z Rear wheel adjustment

    I recall reading somewhere on the internet that Ferris had some bad axles but I can't recall what models had the problem. Mine has a solid axle that runs under the rear of the mower from wheel to wheel. Sorry I can't help more. I would call your dealer and ask. I once had a TORO that would...
  3. Padroo

    Safety Switch Sanity Check

    I had a problem with a TORO a couple of years ago and it turned out one of the safety switches on the left lever was out of adjustment and not making contact. Once way before that TORO had a recall on the rollover switch. The cure was to bypass it. All those switches are in series and a pain...
  4. Padroo

    Power System Recommendation

    Like others have mentioned look at all the tools and attachments that each has to offer so you don't have a bunch of batteries laying around. The batteries are the key and they get expensive. I have put my Greenworks 40 and 80 volt products to the torture test on my 5 acres some clearing land...
  5. Padroo

    Problems Starting Honda HRR216VKA Mower Unless Starting Fluid is Used

    I was thinking the same thing, the automatic choke isn't closing. The dealers know all about it. So far mine is OK.
  6. Padroo

    best weed eater for me?

    If you are thinking of going to battery operated lawn equipment look at the whole line because the batteries are expensive. I have a lot of 40V Greemworks products. I own three chainsaws, a 21 inch mower, three trimmers, hedge shears and two blowers. The mower isn't for everyone but with a...
  7. Padroo

    Would you buy the same mower again?

    This is the My Ride system at work. This is the Ferris.
  8. Padroo

    Gravely ZT HD 48 vs. Ferris 400S

    While some ZRT's will go 12 MPH doesn't mean you should mow at that speed. Mowing rough ground it's nice to have a smooth ride but don't forget you are hammering your mower to death. Kind of like driving your car fast on a dirt road with potholes. Manufacturers are big on their posted speeds...
  9. Padroo

    Pix Belts

    They make plastic gauges to test pulleys and sheaves for wear. Anytime you see the bottom of a pulley or sheave as shiny as the sides it means it is bottomed out in the V groove and needs to be replaced. I come from a commercial environment that use a lot of cast iron sheaves and if they were...
  10. Padroo

    Homemade striping kit.

    My wife is happy with her new Ferris IS 3200Z except it doesn't stripe as well as her old TORO. The Ferris came with the rubber flap type attached to the back of the deck and all I can say is that it is there. I made one for her TORO many years ago attached to the back of the 52 inch deck and...
  11. Ferris and TORO 10 16 18 resize

    Ferris and TORO 10 16 18 resize

  12. Padroo

    Dress up my Ferris IS3200Z

    I saw some pictures of Zero radius mowers with hubcaps on them and when I got to the dealer he had hubcaps made for a Bad Boy Outlaw in both the 12" and 6" size. They were on the pricey side but they made those Ferris gray wheels look like mag wheels. What do ya think. The front wheels take a...
  13. Padroo

    I'm the new guy

    My wife's TORO has had a mulch kit on it for 14 years and I put a full width roller under that deck once the TORO striping kit wore out. She is no stranger to mulching is what I am saying. The new mower cuts the grass nicely it's just that trail and the striping is secondary. If the strip of...
  14. Padroo

    I'm the new guy

    I found your forum after I bought a new Ferris IS3200 last week for my wife. It is the 32 HP 61 inch ICD deck, with a striping kit and mulching kit. I always say if you want a perfect lawn, buy your wife a good mower.:smile: Her old zero turn was a TORO 52 in. commercial mower with a 23 hp...
  15. Padroo

    Buying Advice Should I switch to Ferris

    I'm new to the forum and just bought a 32 HP Big Block Vanguard last week for my wife. She has a TORO 23 HP 52 inch deck that she just loves but it is 14 years old and still in good shape but she said she wanted a new one. The TORO has a mulching kit under it and a home made striping kit that...
  16. IMG 2192

    IMG 2192

  17. Ferris IS3200Z

    Ferris IS3200Z

    I bought a Ferris IS3200Z with the 32HP Vanguard Big Block motor.