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  1. reel mower freak


    Absolutely the best trap. I use windshield washer fluid for the liquid in winter so it doesn’t freeze. Only type of trap that keeps catching without needing to be emptied.
  2. reel mower freak

    Loss of steering when pushing snow

    Wheel Horse tractors,pre-Toro buy out, are fantastic and have a big following. They’re built to last. After Toro bought them they produced a few more years before Toro completely took over and buried them.
  3. reel mower freak

    Loss of steering when pushing snow

    I like ours better. Lol
  4. reel mower freak

    Loss of steering when pushing snow

    You can always find Wheel Horse specific information on Redsquare. Lots of guys that live and breath WH.
  5. reel mower freak

    Rittenhouse trial, jury is still out

    Keep your race wars off this site. This is no place for this garbage. It’s bad enough I have to read and see all the racist crap going down on a daily basis. I don’t need to read it here.
  6. reel mower freak

    Vintage Jacobsen Riding Rotary mower

    I have several Jacobsen’s but more importantly I also have a Yazoo. The drive system and belt configuration is the same as my Yazoo. Steering also. I would say Yazoo. Possibly Jacobsen had them supply this model? Who knows.
  7. reel mower freak

    Jacobsen 21" Manor Mower

    Still looking? I have two Jac’s. One for sure is an Estate. Once all this craziness passes you can drive up here and give them a new home.
  8. reel mower freak

    New Member

    Hello all. Just thought I'd intruduce myself on here as I've been creeping the forums for a bit. I recently picked up two more power reel mowers. First one is a Jacobsen Park 30 from '52. The next day I bought a Jacobsen Estate 24 which is a 2-stroke(my first in a mower) which is either a '52 or...