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  1. Northshoredoug

    Fx1000V efi wiring

    Does anyone have a wiring schematic for the fx1000v fuel injected? I'm mounting on an older machine and need the pinout on the 16 pin connector and if it needs an o2 sensor in the muffler. Thanks! Doug
  2. Northshoredoug

    Sold-NEW- 2023 Kawasaki FX1000V EFI

    Kawasaki fx1000v efi , 999cc 38.5hp throttle by wire, 1-1/8" vertical shaft. 16pin delphi harness. Includes Donaldson air cleaner not shown. This engine is a beast! New 7/2023 has been test run with break-in oil on a stand and never installed. Located in Cleveland NY 13042 $1800 obo
  3. Northshoredoug

    SOLVED: NOT INTERESTED IN WARRANTY ADVISE-27hp 49T877 V-twin rod bearing oil

    does anyone know how the rod bearings are designed get oil on a 27hp 49T877 series Vtwin? there's pressure passages from the pump ported thru the case that flows thru the cam to the crank main journals and there are 2 oil holes in the crank rod journal but they dead end there and do not connect...
  4. Northshoredoug

    B&S 44C777 Camshaft timing marks

    Ok...rookie mistake, I'm into this 23hp 44C777 for other reasons and completely forgot to make a note of the timing mark. The cranks gear is clearly marked at the keyway with a dot, but the cam has 2 choices almost across from one another, a dot and a straight line. If I line up the dot with the...