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    2022 eXmark Vertex 48"

    A little more info would be engine type and horsepower.
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    My mower :frown:

    Howdy everyone. I've got a '92 model 680544 2 stroke... in pieces. I bought a short block back when they could still be had. I had thought about just selling it off for parts, but I'm having second thoughts. After reading about how much you guys love these old mowers, I just might have to see if...
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    Short block rebuild?!

    Howdy, I'm new to the forum but not to Lawn Boys and motors in general. I'm gonna attempt to put my Lawn Boy back together. I bought a new short block for it just as they were being phased out. I never seemed to find the time to get it together. So now I get to do the "parts hunt" and see if I...