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    alternator id

    Alternator ID I need some help to identify this alternator output. I can't find this particular wiring on the Briggs ID chart. TIA
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    It takes two

    ZTR Cub Cadet mowers usually only have room for one operator. However, 2 can have more fun mowing. My neighbor likes to share his mowing experience with the kids.
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    Mower safety

    Some people like to tempt fate I suppose, but risking the safety of your child is NOT being a good parent. A ZTR mower isn't meant to be a take your kid along for the ride machine.
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    Mower Safety

    I just saw an advertisement on TV for Gorilla Tape and the tape makers were suggesting/recommending that it is just the thing to re-attach the discharge chute to your push mower. While I think the tape is a good product, I think this is irresponsible and dangerous use for the tape. Am I being...
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    Real Difference?

    It has come to my attention that there may be a real market here on the LMF for crystal balls, you know, the kind the Wicked Witch had in the Wizard of Oz I'm thinking of buying a few snow globes and see if I can pass them off as such. Just a thought ? (some posters think that some here have...
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    USPS/Ebay delivery

    A little tidbit of knowledge that may help someone from losing money buying on Ebay from offshore sellers. When a seller posts a tracking number for their countries shipping services,when the parcel gets to our country,it will be handed off to another carrier,usually USPS. It then gets another...
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    Junk mower? Really?

    My Husqvarna Turf Care CZ42175 is a 2005 and things do break or wear out on it from time to time. Overall,it's a solidly built well-designed mower that is easy to work on,if I need to fix something. This week,while I was mowing full steam ahead, one of the deck idler pulleys that tension the...
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    Briggs governor spring colors

    I have read somewhere(I forgot where) sometime ago that Briggs uses different governor springs,depending on the engine's intended purpose. This is in reference to the 500cc vertical engines,the 31C707-3026-G5 ,for example. The springs look alike but are color-coded as to the max rpm it will...
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    500 cc hp ratings

    I have looked at several 500 cc Briggs engines that have different hp ratings. the lower rated engines are also lower in price. I am repowering a smaller rider(30") and am wondering just where the extra horsepower comes from,with the same cc displacement. Compression,carb,what? TIA Sam
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    Vanguard physical size compared to Intek

    Does anyone know if the flywheel and stator on the same horsepower size(19 HP Intek and Vanguard single cylinder) engines are the same? TIA
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    Briggs opposed twin engine

    Hello all, I have a Husqvarna c42175 zero turn mower with a 17.5 Briggs Intek AVS single cylinder engine on it. It's a 2005 and the engine runs fine but is beginning to smoke a bit and it has a lot of hours on it. I have 18hp Briggs I/C opposed 2 cylinder from a previous lawn tractor type...