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  1. Rob47


    Hi Kohler mechanics; The Craftsman mower has sat in the barn for a few weeks. Went to start it today and found there was no spark. Since this has not happened before I suspect it was brought on by the cold snap we had here last night >> mid 20's. The coil is suspect since it can also be...
  2. Rob47

    Repairs Hard Start, no Start HOT

    I was not able to find a former post on this problem so I am posting a new thread. IF, this has been covered already please link me to the post. Engine (18.5HP) will not start when hot after running it for 30 minutes or more. It is not a fuel delivery problem as it will not fire using choke, or...
  3. Rob47

    Repairs PARTS SEARCH >> EATON 751 Hydro-drive

    My Ferris Pro Cut 61 with Eaton series 751 hydrostatic >>> works but makes noise in forward, not reverse. It also struggles going up gradual grades. My next move was to get internal pump parts in hopes of repairing a loss of pressure. After contacting Eaton I find that they quit supplying...
  4. Rob47

    Ferris H2222K Hydro trans.

    Greetings Ferris Fans, I bought this mower used from a non-profit organization I used to work for. My first repair I did to it was to weld up the crack in the oil tank that had a slow leak. This leaves me to believe the transmission had been run low on oil in its previous life. For all the time...