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  1. mcostello

    Kohler engine no spark till coasting.

    I have had an Ariens 16-h garden tractor with a single cylender 16 Hp engine. No problems for at least the 2-3 years We have had it. Last week it started and ran like normal. It always has started when I quit cranking and the motor starts coasting. I noticed this and it has never been a problem...
  2. mcostello

    How many ponies to plow with?

    Wifely and Me are getting mileage on Us. Running a tiller is getting harder. I have a 16HP Ariens with hydraulic drive. What size plow (if any) could it pull? Popcorn provided and I am settled in. What say Ye?
  3. mcostello

    Kohler SKH 398 14HP wiring question.

    I am adapting a Kohler SKH 398, model CH 135, spec 225u8 from an unknown mower into a log splitter. It starts and runs great, charges according to the gauge, but does not shut off. I really don't want to keep pulling the plug wire off ⚡. I have attached a diagram from the Web and have wired the...
  4. mcostello

    JD gx345 blown engine parts to sell

    I have a blown engine from a GX 345. Everything on the engine is in great shape except the block, crank and rods. The carb, starter, and radiator etc all are in very good shape. $100 for ll that You want. You pay shipping.
  5. mcostello

    Lawn Boy engine brake cable diagram needed.

    I have a push mower Lawn Boy model 10400. I had the brake cable break a while ago and repaired it. It has been too long and I must not have put it back together correctly. Does any one know how this is supposed to be assembled?
  6. mcostello

    Ariens mower deck gear box needed.

    48" mower deck on a S-16. Location corrected to Ohio.
  7. mcostello

    Ariens mower gear box needed.

    For a 48" mower deck off of a S-16.
  8. mcostello

    Priming an Ariens s-16 Vickers pump

    I have had to replace a bearing in an S-16 with a Vickers pump. I have lost all power to the wheels. I have the rear wheels up on stands and they will not power up. The oil filter was filled up prior to starting, the rotor had a few drops of oil in it also. The swash pump housing has filled...
  9. mcostello


    I have a Lawnboy self propelled mower- model 823x, 976891, need an air cleaner cover. I cannot find this part # anywhere. Can any one help/