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  1. AgustaEd

    UNITED KINGDOM - Westwood T1200

    afternoon all, I have a T1200 mid 80’s YOM, purchased as a project and for the accessories it came with to stick on my T1600. Engine has been fully overhauled. Has electric start, but no battery present so I haven’t tested the wiring, carb needs a tune and new drive belts, other than that it’s...
  2. AgustaEd

    Hello from Norfolk, England

    Morning all, just joined the forum after searching tirelessly to no avail about removing an engine on one of my westwood mowers, I have 3, all in different states of (dis)repair. hoping that some knowledgeable folk will be able to steer me right!
  3. AgustaEd

    B&S 12HP Westwood T1200

    I need to remove the engine from a westwood t1200, but I cannot for the life of me get the pulley bolt out of the shaft. The engine just spins and spins, I can’t find any way to prevent it from happening, I’ve tried a ratchet strap around the flywheel. Does anyone have any advice/information on...