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    Special Starter Tool

    I apologize ahead of time about a picture not being available. I haven't figured out how to reduce the size of pics taken with my phone. On all engines new to me I prepare to start for the first time I take the starters apart to inspect the brushes, clean up the armatures and lube the...
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    Installing Oil Slinger

    I've rebuilt maybe a half dozen 31R 707 0154 E1 models(or models similar to). Installing the oil pan and knowing the oil slinger is in its right place with the cam always increases my BP😁 If anyone out there has a technique to share oh please enlighten me. bartles
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    B&S OEM rings

    Received piston with ring set, part number 594539 for a 31C707 0254 E1...the two top rings have color code markings...can someone advise(mounting order top down) which color ring fits to the piston?
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    Engine Repowering Project

    I am replacing a 10.5 HP 21R707-0145-G1 with an older 17HP 31C707-0154-E1. When comparing flywheels I see a difference, when the magneto magnets are between the block mounting holes for the magneto, of the flywheel keyway positions. The 31C keyway is roughly located at 2 o'clock, and the 21R...
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    Counterweight links

    Working on a 31C707-0154-E1 What is the allowable clearance between the links and the crankshaft? Thanks in advance, bartles
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    B&S 10.5hp....repower with 17HP?

    Throwing this out here for an opinion(s)....will a 17 HP B&S run reasonably well with a 10.5HP intake/carb system? Re-jetting the carb required? The small engine has a ventilated block. The 17hp engine has the same footprint and general fit up requirements. I was thinking of using the 10.5...
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    42" Mower Deck Repair

    Working on a 42" JD deck who's owner ran over a "piece of metal". The bore for one of the spindles in the deck is bent and has hair line cracks in several places. I have been able to beat the area around the hole to a relatively level surface. I've welded up the cracks from both sides. Any...
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    Ventilated Block Blues

    Working on a 2020 Murray 30" with a 10.5 HP B&S. The block has a hole in it courtesy of the rod and associated trashed crankshaft. Engine: 21R707 -146-G1, Code 190925ZD Haven't priced out the part yet but, basically, should I look for a "will fit" engine, search EBAY, or ...
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    Beat Up Battery Blues

    I'd like some input on mower battery recommendations for equipment in the 38-42" cut class...12-20 hp. I suppose it's a low cost vs quality situation. Use 230-300ah discount store batteries and replace them every 2 years OR use more expensive AGM battery? In our area the grass growing season...
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    L120 Blade Clutch......history of issues?

    I was given a L120, GXL120A014009 with a B&S Model 406777-0128-E1. It looks to be a rebuildable core: good compression, engine runs relatively smooth, check the cam lift(s) for worn lobes and the transmission works fine. The 48" deck was not installed but has good metal. I have a couple of...
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    B&S Vee Cam

    Is their model 406777(0128 E1) one of the vees that have had cam lobe wear issues? bartles
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    Snapper Zero Turn Drive Units

    I started to restore a joystick controlled Snapper Zero Turn but the deck was just too far gone + I learned the drive units were no longer serviceable. I can confirm the drive units are in good condition because I drove the mower around to get them warm enough to confirm they are in good...
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    Year Built?

    What is the year built of a : PA-SV735-3021 s/n 4217706133 ? Thanks in advance, bartles
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    I Give Up

    Ok, I've rebuilt dozens of small engine starters. I bought a "Far Eastern" starter and this was packed with the terminal nuts...what is it for?
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    Valve Lash Adjustment-Honda Engine GCV160

    I can't locate what the valve lash clearances should be for a Honda engine, GCV160LA0 S3B NH1. Hope someone out there will have those! Thanks in advance, bartles
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    Bearing Ordering Help

    Working on a Model HU700H, 961450024 01 I need to replace the rear wheel flange bearings as well as the drive pinion bearing in Part No. 585281901(adjuster). The bearings are not listed as an available part in Husqvarna's website. Thanks in advance, bartles
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    Sears YTS-4500 Gift

    I was given a Sears TYS4500, model 917.289903 with a 26HP Kohler Spec: PA-SV735-3021. There's always a story with something given away. The givers neighbor bought it new and very soon after it was delivered the engine "failed". Sears came out and replaced the failed engine under warranty...
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    Worn axles

    I am working on a Snapper Model: YZ13331BE(Snapper Crusier) with Eaton X778-011 Transaxles The axle shafts(1" OD) and wheels are both worn...about .002-.003 of "wobble". The keyways, according to the Snapper parts book are 6mm square. The keyways are worn also. It appears the keys are...
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    B&S Carb Elbow Connection

    Working on a Model 287707-0153 01, Code 930408-A: The nylon fuel (elbow) connection is cracked and leaking..need to replace it. There is a brass connection in the carb that the nylon fitting is pressed to swivel? it pressed in the carb body or screwed in? How should the replacement part...
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    Snapper 33" Yard Cruiser Moving Blues

    I just acquired a Model YZ13331 BE "Yard Cruiser" , S/N 85570198. Previous owner said it tries to move when the joystick is moved but all you get is "a hydraulic sound like it's trying to move". (Hows that for a description?) I see is has Eaton X778-01 drives. Would appreciate hearing from...
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    RedMax Run Issues(repost)

    Working on a RedMax HBX2601 leaf blower. Starts and idles great. Will not reach max rpm without choking it intermittently. Runs better upside down for a while. I have: -replaced tank lines n filter -replaced carb with new -gaskets between carb n plastic isolator are seating...
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    RexMax Running Issue

    Working on a RedMax HBX2601 leaf blower. Starts and idles great. Will not reach max rpm without choking it intermittently. Runs better upside down for a while. I have: -replaced tank lines n filter -replaced carb with new -gaskets between carb n plastic isolator are seating Suggestions?
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    Fuel Hose Installation Question

    Working one a TB575SS (4 cycle trimmer, etc). I ordered a new carb and got ready to install same and I see the fuel lines have totally disappeared. With the new carb are lines for connecting the suction(black, has a weighted filter) and another I assume is a circulation hose(yellow) back to...
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    Time Cutter SW3200- Opinions?

    I've got a customer who needs a small 30-33" rider for their small yard(s). One of these steering wheel zero turns is on the market, with a starting issue, 2019 model, for $500. May I get some input as to it's reliability and durability, design issues, operation and maintenance issues...
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    "Red Max" Engine Issue

    Working ona Red Max Model HBZ2601 Lawn Blower: The engine starts quickly and idles fine, but until it is warmed up (about a minute). Until it runs at slow speed adding throttle slowly, hitting the choke, for a minute, will it run wide open and works fine. (not a proficient two cycle guy)...
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    Electrical Problem

    Working on a MTD 42" Model 13W2775S031: When I connect battery the fuse(20amp) blows. I checked the solenoid by connecting the two small terminals and it seems like its connecting across the positive and negative battery terminals. I not a real strong electrical troubleshooter so I would...
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    Used 28-30" Mower Recommendations

    Would appreciate opinions on brands in the 28-30" cut class. I'm looking for a used rebuildable core. Are the Snappers in that size good machines? Murray/Sears? Thanks ahead of time!
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    B&S cam lobe wear

    Are specific vee models suspect of excessive cam lobe wear?
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    Deck Fitment Question

    Will a 42" deck from a D105 fit a D111?
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    Physical Size Commonality

    Sorry to ask such a potentially broad ranging question but here goes: When comparing horsepower ranges from 14-17.5 in many riding mower brands are these different engine ratings from a common block size? My reason for asking is I do second life rebuilds on 38-42" mowers. I have a good 17.5...
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    Model Determination

    Was given a rough JD 105, S/N? 1GXD05EAEEE523372 Deere site does not recognize the s/n. It is above the engine info: Model 31R9 77 001 G1, s/n 13 0524 ZA 628 10 Would appreciate someone with more JD experience helping me finding a digital parts and operators manual. Thanks in advance!
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    Starter Motor Armature Bushings

    Engine is a PS-26516 with a 12 098 22-S Starter In the Kohler parts site I see one can not order just the armature bushings. Anyone happen to know where to source these? They are "oillite" type bushings so I really don't want to make the out of just brass stock. Appreciate the assistance in...
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    Help with Pedal Controls Adjustment-K46 Transmission

    Working on a John Deere LT150, Model 150B501718, the forward transmission control pedal has about one-half the travel length as does the reverse pedal. I have taken the transmission apart, clean the sumps, magnets, and filter screen and refill it with 10w-50 synthetic oil to recommended...
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    Transmission Pedal Control

    Working on a LT150, Model 150B501718, the forward transmission control pedal has about one-half the travel length as does the reverse pedal. I have taken the transmission apart, clean the sumps, magnets, and filter screen and refill it with 10w-50 synthetic oil to recommended Tuff-Torque(K46C)...
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    Cranking Issue with 2014 LTX1050

    Mower a 2014 LTX1050, 13WQ93AP009 Owner says after one of the headlights fell out and the wiring shorted out, burnt on the exhaust it will not crank..".it won't even click click". He and his mower is in another city too far to get to easily. He's relatively mechanical savy. What are some...
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    Valve Clearance Specs

    Working on an old John Deere with a PS-41618 Kohler engine. I would appreciate anyone responding with valve clearance gap specs. Thanks in advance.
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    Wiring Diagram for LT150

    Working on a LT150(150B501718). Would appreciate a wiring diagram or guidance to find one. Thanks in advance!
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    Rated Output Question

    I have a B&S model 125K02-0477-E1, s/n 04122858. I thinking about replacing it with a Honda engine from a power washer. What is the rated RPM of the B&S engine? I can locate that data within the B&S website.
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    Uncharted Territory

    I'm working on a Sears Model 917.376551 walk behind. Its been sitting up for a long time...carb full of corrasion so I gambled on a knock off Chinese carb.(I know what's coming and deserve it) I have never worked on this type carb...with a primer bulb. where is the fuel injected...
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    LT150 vs D105 Auto: parts interchangeable?

    I have 0 John Deere experience so I like some input: I have two of the subject models. The 150 needs a hood and has a 38" "Edge" deck. The 106 has a 42" deck. Questions: 1. Will the 105 hood fit the 150? 2. Will the 105's 42" deck fit the 150? 3. I read where the 105 has a troublesome...
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    1992 Dixon Restoration

    Wanted to let folks see an old Dixon zero turn mower I just finished restoring. It's a "mechanical and needs to be loved occasionally" tool from 1992. If anyone needs some parts for a similar model 304 let me know. Fun project!!
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    DC Voltage Output

    Working on a B&S Model 254707-0120-01. Is there a way to determine the DC output of the B&S alternator, part number 592828/ superseded Part number 391529?
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    Dixon Mower Deck

    Anybody know what these "flaps" do...Dixon deck, blade side
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    Magneto hold down screw ID help

    I'm restoring an old Dixon (304) zero turn with a B&S model 254707-0120-01 engine. I am short one of the mag hold down screws, part #691061. I've tried trying to use dies, SAE and metric, to identify the thread type. I am assuming these are hardware type screws. Anyone out there that can...
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    Blade clutch engagement recommend

    I have never seen a suggestion in a mower OEM operation manual about what the engine speed should be to engage the blade clutch. Isn't it beneficial to suggest to people to slow the engine speed to half throttle poor to pulling out the blade clutch switch or stopping the blades? Wouldn't...
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    Transmission(s) Oil Filter OEM Crossover

    I am working on a Zero Turn Model 5900709. According to my parts reference the OEM filter part number is 5101026X1. I checked with Fram for their cross over part number. They advised they have no filter that matches Snappers requirement. Anyone out there with some advice and help? Thanks...
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    Who uses sealants with gaskets and o-rings?

    When reassembling and engine or components after a rebuild what are the opinions about using sealants with the new gaskets or o-rings? An example like between the plastic intake manifold and the cylinder head with a o-ring type sealing arrangement? Should I use a non harding type sealant in...
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    Aftermarket carbs for a vee B&S 44P777-0124G1

    Anyone out there have any good luck with aftermarket carbs for a B&S 44P777-0124G1? The OEM may be worth the bucks...just curious about everyones experience?
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    Method recommendations emptying fuel tanks

    What are good methods/or pumps for emptying fuel tanks? I have used siphoning with som success but are there manual pumps for this tasks? The plastic siphoning assist bellows pumps only last a few times. Appreciate the advice in advance.
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    Checking Stator

    Anyone our there that can give me ohm resistance checking guidelines for a model 407577-0284 e1, code 040722y