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  1. BlazNT

    Nuts and Bolts at reasonable price

    Just found this site. They have some very good pricing for bulk Screws, nuts, bolts, and washers.
  2. BlazNT

    Found something Cool

    Craftsman model number to Tecumseh model number. If you know your model number you can look up the engine that is in it.
  3. BlazNT

    Toro Z Master 320 Model Number 74181 Drive Not Stoping

    Toro Z Master 320 Model Number 74181 Serial 890599 I have a weird to me problem. When I go forward, left, right, or reverse when I pull the handles back to neutral the mower keeps going the same direction until I move the levers to the opposite direction it was going. If I do it correctly it...
  4. BlazNT

    No E-Mails again

    I have not received any e-mails for at least 2 days now. What is going on?
  5. BlazNT

    New To Me Trailer Upgrade Ramp Lift

    Ok so here is my new trailer. I want to do something different with the ramp. Im needing a little help with figuring out how much lifting force I will need to do it. I found a company that is doing it to new trailers and figured it would be easier for me to show you what I want. Im guessing the...
  6. BlazNT

    Interesting article on oil changes

    This is about cars but still worth reading. Remember it says to follow your owners manual.
  7. BlazNT

    Block these fools

    Has anyone thought to block these fools from getting to the server by ip address range. It will be very easy to do if this forum software allows it. Im sure it does. Lets say they come in on ip address Then block the range of to Korea in not that big.
  8. BlazNT slowing down the forum

    Am I the only one seeing a slow down on the forum? It keeps going through then to the forum. It has really lengthen time to load pages.
  9. BlazNT

    New to me Edger

    Got on craigslist last night at 8:55 PM and I left the house at 9:01 PM to get my new to me Edger. It was an old friend I used to work with. I knew they knew little to nothing about small engines. But they do go to lots of estate sales. Well they picked this up and could not get it running right...
  10. BlazNT

    What size pulleys on the Raptor/SD

    What size are the pulleys on the deck for the Raptor or Raptor SD?
  11. BlazNT

    Build date B&S Engine

    From Briggs & Stratton "How can I determine the age of my engine? (For engines manufactured after 1965) The engine’s code number indicates the exact date it was manufactured. This system provides an easy way to determine the age of your small engine. The following is an example of interpreting...
  12. BlazNT

    Links test
  13. BlazNT

    Broken Thread Thread is broken. If someone could fix or remove.
  14. BlazNT

    All the Toy's are Working

    Went out today and started everything and got them ready for the season. Oil changes, air filters, grease, and sharpen blades. Im sure I forgot to list something. Oh air pressure in tires and decks are level.:smile::smile::smile:
  15. BlazNT

    Sick and tired of mrmechanic

    What can be done about this guy. He is nothing but a spammer and offers very little help. Some times even tries to undo what has already been done. I tried reporting his posts but I get an error about not having the rights to report.
  16. BlazNT

    Im not getting Emails

    I am not receiving e-mails on any thing I have posted to.
  17. BlazNT

    1999 F925

    OK here is a good one. My new to me 1999 F925 with yanmar disel has been draining the battery very slowly. I finally found the problem. When the mower is off, one of the indicator panel lights glows very dim. I can only see this in the dark. If I remove the light that is on it just moves to the...
  18. BlazNT

    1984 Murray GT 39004 Briggs engine model number

    Got a new toy and can not find the engine model number. The tag has been removed. If anyone has this mower can you give me the model number off the engine please. 18 hp Briggs & Stratton.
  19. BlazNT

    Unanswered Query

    OK I cleared the unanswered for the last 30 days. I hate when things fall through the cracks.
  20. BlazNT

    Bed Armor on underneath or deck

    Ok so with the new deck I got I decided to put something on the underneath of the deck to see if grass would not stick as much. Settled on Dupla Color Bed Armor $11.99 at auto parts store. Sanded deck for Bed Armor to stick. Cleaned with pre-paint cleaner. I will post pictures of underneath of...
  21. BlazNT

    New Search Feature

    I would to see a search on here for zero replies. It would help with question not falling through the cracks.
  22. BlazNT

    I finally found a dealer I like.

    Well I have been trying to buy a replacement deck for my RZ5424 for about 2 weeks. 2 failed buys on the internet. So I started calling around to local(16 miles away) and got ahold of a guy that had my deck in stock. I would have never guessed that. He had ordered one and the baffels were not...
  23. BlazNT

    Grinds My Gears

    What grinds my gears is when someone post a question on here and gets responses and never responds back. That is one of the things that grind my gears.
  24. BlazNT

    This is what I want to rebuild

    I would love to rebuild this. I would if I did not have to buy a new mower. Swisher Ride King Zero Turn.
  25. BlazNT

    John Deere F620 Good and Bad

    I am looking a buying a 1998 John Deere F620 What are the good thing and the bad things about this mower.
  26. BlazNT

    Husqvarna RZ5424 Drive belt

    I had to replace my drive belt today. I can not get it to work the way it is supposed to. The belt will not tighten. I must have routed it wrong. Any on know how to route this belt. Not the deck belt but the drive belt. Model #965881301 Serial #091585467 Engine# PS-SV725-0013 Up Date: I...