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    STX 38 hood hinge repair

    I know that I've seen the answer to this question around here, but where do I find the replacement /retrofit kit for these hopeless plastic hoods? They are arguably one of JDs most poorly engineered features.
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    John Deere STX 38 riding mower 5 speed transaxle wanted

    As the header says. No hydro transmissions need apply. It's a Peerless 920-17 that I'm after. Thanks!
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    STX-38 5 speed to hydro swap feasability

    Any issues with changing a 5 speed manual rear end that has grenaded for a hydrostatic rear end? I wouldn't think so, but thought I'd see if there would be any issues.:wink: The shift linkage and plate that covers the hole where the lever goes through the fender are included with the hydro...
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    Ford "Special Edition" 16/46

    Does anyone have any good/bad experience with this mower? It looks like a mid '80s ish machine, with a single cylinder 16hp Tecumseh :thumbdown::frown:) Are the older ones much better built machines, and are parts available for these old FORDs?
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    Onan carb fun

    :frown: The 18 hp twin cylinder Onan on my 1978 Sears GT has got me baffled. I changed out the fuel line,fuel filter, cleaned out the fuel pump, replaced the vacuum pump line for the fuel pump, checked the float level, cleaned all the passages inside the carb, sprayed carb cleaner through all...
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    Homelite Backpack Blower conundrum

    I've got a cheesy Homelite backpack blower that I've owned for 5 years or so. Seven months ago the engine started surging at all speeds, especially half throttle and above. I took the carb off, looked at it carefully, cleaned it as safely as I knew how, and put it back together. Problem...
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    Shop tricks and tips

    What kind of tricks and tips do you have that you'd like to share with fellow LMF members? Just one of the upgrades I do when I'm changing out spindles is install stainless nuts and bolts when I put the new one in. For $3.00 or so, it can save an afternoon of fun for the next person who gets to...
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    Classic, collectible, vintage

    Get out your thesaurus and vote! Age alone Special attributes Low production numbers What else?
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    Lots of questions about SX75

    I've just gotten into my inventory a JD SX75, serial #595781. The little Kawasaki seems to run fine, and the rest of it needs tearing apart , inspection, paint and reassembly. I have a couple of questions; what are the differences between the sx, rx, gx models? Is there a favorite parts vendor...
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    Repairs 1975 727 Broadmoor resurrection

    :eek: In addition to my 2164 Cub Cadet, Honda 3011, Jacobsen Park 30, and Cub Cadet self-propelled, I have adopted (for a $75.00 fee from the lawnmower haven) a 727 Broadmoor. The Briggs engine seems to run fine, and it needs the following things taken care of: Drive belt Deck spindles Blades A...
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    No Jacobsen mower section?

    Would it be possible to create a section for Jacobsen mowers in the appropriate section?