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    Cub Cadet XT1 feels tippy on uneven ground

    For the Cub? Wouldn't help, I have to mow along a ditch and a culvert. Nothing to prop it against.
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    Cub Cadet XT1 feels tippy on uneven ground

    Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm actually leaning towards a used Wheel Horse like the one I had before. I only sold it because it had something breaking on it every time I went to use it and unfortunately I never really got anything fixed properly, it was always just good enough to get...
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    Cub Cadet XT1 feels tippy on uneven ground

    Thanks all for the responses. The thing about my situation is that the slope is not all that steep, not to the eye, so I'm not in any danger of the oil pickup sucking air. Not at all. It's just that it doesn't seem to take that much of a slope for the Cub to feel tippy enough to make me uneasy...
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    Cub Cadet XT1 feels tippy on uneven ground

    I've got an XT1 with the EFI engine. Other than the first engine blowing itself to smithereens at 2 hours and needing replaced, it's been reliable and the EFI works well. But now I have a problem and I wonder what anyone else might think. Last summer I moved to a new place where part of my back...
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    Not such a great start --

    To a degree there has always been a difference in quality levels for items like lawn tractors etc. In 1968 when I was in about 6th grade my dad bought a floor model Sears Craftsman mower. Like this: Our neighbors across the street had bought a 7hp Wheel Horse. Well the Craftsman is long long...
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    Not such a great start --

    Another update A week ago yesterday I took my Cub into the local dealer for warranty service since the engine seemed obviously blown with 2.4 hours on the meter. First - the local dealer is just across town but down a side road and I've never really noticed them, otherwise I probably could...
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    Not such a great start --

    Cub CaDead Update Update: Okay, the Cub is dead. 2.4 hours from new and it's blown. Just my luck. I called HomeDepot and they told me where to get it warranty-serviced, a local equipment dealer just a couple miles away. Very nice and reputable looking place with a few branches in the region...
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    Not such a great start --

    Maybe I should have titled this thread "Cub CaDEAD"! So... I got my new EFI XT1 tractor about a month ago and so far I've run it very little. It's had a very gentle break-in but I've always gotten it fully warmed up and have not been hard on it. Haven't needed to mow yet but I did use it to...
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    Un-crating a new XT1 or 2 Cub Cadet

    When I got my CC XT1 it arrived in a crate, on a pallet. Hoping there would be a way to get it out as quickly and easily as possible I checked on You Tube. Well there was a video by a guy who got his exactly as I had gotten mine and he had posted his experience with getting the tractor uncrated...
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    CC EFI tractors use different key

    The EFI Cub Cadets use a different kind of ignition key... it's a red plastic thing that looks at first glance like it just has a tip that fits into the keyhole and presses something in there when you start the engine. You might think it might be able to be replaced by just shoving a small...
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    RARE SIGHTINGS NEEDED! Anyone with XT1LT42, XT1LT46 or XT2LX42 ??

    I've just taken delivery of an XT1 42 with the 547cc EFI engine. As was previously noted, you push the button (for 1.5 seconds) and then the engine fires up. I assume the delay is to build up fuel pressure for the injection system. The Walbro announcement of the Cub Cadet EFI system said that...
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    New tractor - 42 inch deck questions

    Just got my Cub Cadet LT1 42" deck tractor and I have a question... when I engage the mower deck it sort of jumps a bit and while it's running it seems to have a vibration to it. It's not a constant vibration, it sort of fluctuates. Is that normal? I've been using numerous ancient Wheel Horses...
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    My Tractors

    Two of the tractors I've been using, a 1968 7hp Wheel Horse and a 10hp Wheel Horse hydrostati from 1972.