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    Backfire when engine is shut off

    This is something I have had on numerous engines. After long usage, shut off engine, and just as the engine comes to rest, get a backfire. Is this normal, or is this an indication of something going wrong. I thought it might be a sign of tight valves, but I have checked the valves, and they are...
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    IMG 0323

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    IMG 0482

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    IMG 0483

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    IMG 0484

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    IMG 0490

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    IMG 0093

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    IMG 0095

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    IMG 0097

  11. My Toro Wheel Horse

    My Toro Wheel Horse

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    Mower deck Toro 522xi 42" deck

    Hey guys, I'm a new member as of this morning, and of course I have a question for you. I have a Toro Wheel Horse 522xi 42" deck. The mower is in very good shape, and has worked good for the couple of years I have had it. I have been fighting a noise with the mower deck, the noise is only when...