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  1. tgzzzz

    Aftermarket spindle kit

    You don't feel the need to upgrade the bearings to Timken, SKF or similar? ETA: On reassembly on a similar situation, I used NeverSeize. Holy cow does that work. A little dab will do you.
  2. tgzzzz

    Are mulching blades about the same?

    I notice you said "Stens" not 8ten. Maybe 8ten is Sten in Mandarin.
  3. tgzzzz

    FS90R running rough, stalling

    I think I saw a how to on You ... know where.
  4. tgzzzz

    Can't find 30W oil anywhere in my area, or on line.

    I love oil threads! Do it on the grass and keep it slippery.
  5. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    A feature and a bug. Thanks Troverman for detailed post.
  6. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    Yep. Those days are long gone for me.
  7. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    I'm just not that good.
  8. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    I can stand up straight. Without the Grip, I have to lean over to hold the D handle (and doubtless pick up some weight).
  9. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    I missed something before, the Grip is bolted to my trimmer attachment on the Stihl Kombi, and stays there. When I put the edger attachment on I haven't noticed a need for the additional handle as I can generally use the edger one-handed while walking straight up once in the groove.
  10. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    Update review: I'm buying stock in the company. I kept screwing around with adjustments and now that the Darwin's Grip is dialed in, it's a gamechanger. Zero weight on the arms, back straight, I'm back to feeling like the Terminator on weeds. I bounce that string way out and let that big dog...
  11. tgzzzz

    What's in a 4Mix engine

    My Stihl KM111 is a 4 mix. It's an overhead valved gas engine but drinks 50:1.
  12. tgzzzz

    STHIL FS90R - Where is the Spark Arrestor?

    a very apt designation
  13. tgzzzz

    Badboy outlaw 2012 model

    I heard escort service! Is it Rep Boebert?
  14. tgzzzz

    2023 42" Rambler deck belt length?

    Yeah. I'll remeasure
  15. tgzzzz

    2023 42" Rambler deck belt length?

    The saga ends, after waiting and waiting, the dealer called the factory this am and was told the belt was "backordered til Sept." They then took a belt off a new 2023 Rambler mower and sold it to me for $60. Got home and outside measurement is 134.25 x 5/8" BB #041-4023-00. Inside measurement...
  16. tgzzzz

    New Owner

    This is hard for me ... but I'm doing it.
  17. tgzzzz

    new steering gear getting chewed up

    My JD had same issues. Crummy design.
  18. tgzzzz

    Weed Eating Secrets Please.

    If I recall correctly my stihl kombi came with an additional straight handle. Long gone. Now I get it. That said, the Darwin is the next iteration. With the harness, you're not holding any weight. No matter for the young and dumb but me? I'm liking it.
  19. tgzzzz

    2023 42" Rambler deck belt length?

    I've owned a bunch of mowers. Never had a problem finding a belt. Sunbelts look really good but they measure diff as noted above. I'm sure glad I don't really need one atm.
  20. tgzzzz

    2023 42" Rambler deck belt length?

    Well, time and blood pressure guarantees I lost this battle. Good thing I'm not actually being idled here. Reading Bert's comments, how does one know OEM from OEM copy? Not all 134" belts are 134" on my tape measure. I'm not as smart as I look.