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    Briggs Intek twin 407777-0174-e1

    I had a customers rider that drove me nuts one summer due to that issue. And this was a Craftsman under warranty that the sears tech couldn't figure out.
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    craftsman 21hp OHV intake keeps filling up with fuel.

    Confirm that you are turning the governor arm the correct direction. If the shaft turns counterclockwise when moves from idle to fuel throttle then turn shaft counterclockwise and vise vs for clockwise. Also I have found a few engines that if you didn't hold the shaft in that position when...
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    Excessive Vibration at Idle

    If it has a blade clutch/brake I suspect that a bearing in the clutch is going bad. When you engage the blades that bearing is now turning with the flywheel therefore not spinning.
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    Z710a 54 ZTrack Hydraulic Leak - Help!

    See if this will give you some assistance.
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    From the service manual it appears that there is a T mark between two of the cooling fins on the flywheel. Turn flywheel until that mark aligns with the ignition coil stud bolt for the number one cylinder which appears to be the cylinder on the right if looking down at the flywheel. and then...
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    Bad boy - how to get gas can sleeve out of bad boy Rogue gas tank

    The spring may be metallic so you may be able to get it with an extendable magnet. The rest may require some fishing, either with some long pliers to reach down inside the tank or a wire with an hook on the end to grab the other parts. Will either need to drain the tank or run it close to dry...
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    Murray M115-38 Making Squealing Noise When Blades Are First Engaged

    I would think the blade brakes are not releasing before the belt tries to engage them. Did you your an OEM belt and is it installed correctly.
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    Kohler command pro 22hp -2 volt reg

    That B+ numbers at the regulator don't make sense unless you are not getting battery voltage at the B+ terminal from the battery. Without at least 10 volts at the terminal the regulator won't turn on. Try running a wire directly from B+ to the positive post of the battery and see what you get.
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    Ranch king pro 22 hp 50” deck

    Try 14BY833P206 for a model number on a 1998 mower.
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    head torque & tightening sequence

    Listed on PD also in the parts diagram section, but maybe not updated on the power portal yet. I have found a few cases where the parts where not on the dealer sites that were used on JD
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    head torque & tightening sequence

    300 in/lb Torque sequence is center top to bottom right to top left to center right and then bottom left. And double check that model number Is is possibly 445677-4188-g5 Since the number you listed doesn't appear to be a valid type number.
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    Trying to fix a Worx WA0032 24v mower battery

    An unfortunately you have found the issue with the battery operated mowers. When you need batteries the replacement cost is almost the cost of a new mower.
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    Tecumseh Company (Out of business??)

    Most Tecumseh parts are still available, Some are available after market only. there is a few that are no longer available, but I have't come across very many lately. But sometimes you have to watch the aftermarket parts like carbs since the OEM parts kits don't fit the Oregon carbs.
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    Swisher also used Parker transaxles which have become obsolete in some cases and don't have good dealer support or parts availability.
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    Oil or fuel coming from the exhaust

    A leaking float valve that has allowed the carb to overflow and then run into the cylinder and out the exhaust could also have oil mixed with it. Also it can run into the crankcase causing it to overfill and dilute the oil causing other issues.
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    Tecumseh Company (Out of business??)

    Tecumseh engine and gear division filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and was purchased by CPC or Certified Parts Corporations. They also partnered/purchased LCT engine around 2010 and the two basically became Lauson power products which is an old name for Tecumseh. They sold snow engines under the...
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    Unresponsive script that is causing Firefox to hang

    I am using Chrome and about every page is hanging up, can't scroll and sometimes typing will freeze when trying to reply. Have to keep refreshing
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    please help. Solinoid problems

    If you are getting a tapping sound with the key in the start position usually indicates either batter going back or more common is a loose or faulty connection at the battery.
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    Replace Electric Start

    It would really help us if we had the model number of the engine which if it is the newer OHV push mower engines will be engraved into the side of the engine block. Earlier engines may be above the spark plug on the housing or on the shelf like flap above the muffler. Also the model number of...
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    Found the neighbor kids baseball while mowing.

    1/2 mile of temporary phone cable wrapped in the rotary cutter blades. Mostly I see bale twine from farmers bales melted around the spindle housings.