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  1. bakerg

    Deerely like you’re advice

    Glad the pdf helps you. Live in Tilbury, Ontario now, grew up in Essex, Ontario just outside of Windsor.
  2. bakerg

    Deerely like you’re advice

    Here's a link to a pdf of the operators manual.'s%20Manual%20108,%20111,%20112L,%20116,%20and%20%20116H%20Lawn%20Tractors%20No.%20315,001-%20%20%20%20%20%20)%20OM-M88424%20J4.pdf?_sm_au_=iVVD78fWk68RZNZTKGfGBK6M0f674
  3. bakerg

    JD D110 gas tank

    Found that my gas tank is loose and floating around under the seat. Haven't had a chance to look into the problem yet but was wondering what is suppose to hold the gas tank in position??
  4. bakerg

    Guide wheels on JD mower deck

    Neighbour picked up an older JD rear engine mower, 8hp with the tag saying R62 but I cannot find that model anywhere on the net. Anyway, he has guide wheels on his mower deck and was wondering that when he is mowing should the wheels be on the ground or are they set just to provide protection...
  5. bakerg

    Rolling, Aerating, Dethatching

    What order do you usually do the following: rolling, aerating & dethatching?
  6. bakerg

    JD 265 lawn tractor manual

    Does anyone have a link to a pdf file for the manuals for 265 lawn tractor that I can download for a friend?
  7. bakerg

    Problems switching from bagging to not bagging

    Have a new puppy that likes to eat grass so wife got me to buy a bagger for my JD D110 rider. It came with the high lift blades and works great. That's not the problem, the problem is I only want to bag only about 1/2 the lawn in my fenced in backyard and my front lawn. I mow another 1/2 acre...
  8. bakerg

    JD D110 hour meter

    Mowing the lawn on Saturday and found my hour meter flashing SVC SVC. Only have 7.2 hours on the mower but I know the oil needs to be changed at 8 hrs. Is the SVC just a warn light to remind me and if so do I have to reset it or will it just stop blinking after the 8 hours? Could not find...
  9. bakerg

    Lawn rolling

    I bought a smaller roller last fall as I move from the country to town and did not need such a huge roller as I had. Question I have is how much is too much weight for the roller. The roller I have, you just add water for weight. Do I need to add more weight or is this enough? I have read that...
  10. bakerg

    Lawn roller

    I am looking into investing in a new lawn roller. Looking at the ones you can fill with water to add extra weight. What I was wondering was could I fill it with water and anti-freeze so I would not have to dump it out for winter, have also thought of filling it up with used oil. Any thoughts :?:
  11. bakerg

    Moved to town from the farm

    Moved to town from the farm, looking for help with new mower Just recently moved to town from the farm. Just sold my Massey Ferguson GC2400 with a 60" MMM as it is to big for the new house. Now deciding what to buy next. Lot size is right on the edge of using a push mower or a rider. Using an...
  12. bakerg

    Happy Father's Day

    Hope everyone has a great day.
  13. bakerg

    Carberator Cleaning

    I am building a 1/2 scale replica of a John Deere H that I use to own.:thumbsup: I am using an 8hp Briggs & Stratton engine that hasn't ran in about 20 yrs. Cleaned oil off engine and I did mange to get the engine to fire up for a couple of seconds. I need to clean the carb up as I think that is...
  14. bakerg

    Lawn Mower Snow Blowing

    Having a slow day at work:wink: and was wondering if anyone has ever used their lawn mower as a snowblower?:confused2: Can you even throw snow with a mower? Not that I would need to do something like that but if you really needed to, would it work?:confused2:
  15. bakerg

    Please help identifying this Bolens

    Can anyone tell me what year this Bolens is from this picture?:confused2: Posting for someone else.:tongue: Uploaded with
  16. bakerg

    7 hp Briggs gap settings

    I have an old 7 hp Briggs & Stratton that I am working on. Mice have chewed on spark plug wire:frown: and I am going to replace it but need to know what the gap is between the coil and the flywheel.:wink: Can anyone help?:confused2: Uploaded with
  17. bakerg

    Ideal lawn mower engine

    A guy I work with has an Ideal engine that he was looking for info on. Would like to know the rarity of the engine and what it might be worth. :confused2: It has 14 1/2" flywheels which he thinks may be uncommon. :confused: Any info would be a real help.:biggrin: Uploaded with
  18. bakerg

    Vintage Lawn Mower Ads

    Check this out.
  19. bakerg

    Name that mower game

    I have done this on another forum I'm on and I thought you guys might be up for a challenge.:thumbsup: Can you name this mower?:confused2:
  20. bakerg

    How bad is it on the east coast

    Heard of alot of snow and about 3 million without power.:eek: Is everyone ok on the eastern seaboard?