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    New yard

    My wife and I are moving to a new house and Province in Canada. Our new yard is 88’x200’. Mostly grass. Wondering if I should do ride on or go with a good self propelled mower. Kind of too big for a walk behind and to small for a ride on. Could do a 30” rider or 42”
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    Bag won't fill

    I have been cursing my mower for awhile now, I just bought it last year. It is a craftsman professional model made by Husqvarna. I could never get the bag to fill and it was really peeing me off. Today I decided to flip the blade and low and behold it completely filled the bag instead of it...
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    New Mower!!

    Picked up my new mower yesterday, tried it out and it performed awesome. I got a Craftsman Professional model from Sears here in Canada. It is a Husqvarna mower just badged with sears. 190cc, 8.5 ft/lbs Briggs engine 22" cut washout port and key start. Reg. price $599 on sale year end clearance...
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    Engine Torque Ratings

    Just wondering about mower torque ratings. Looking at a Craftsman Professional model mower with a 8.5 ft/lbs Briggs motor and a Husqvarna with a 7.75 ft/lbs Briggs motor. Are there any significant differences in power? Both are 190cc. I think both are made by Husqvarna. husky also has a Honda...
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    Brush mowers

    Does anybody do brush mowing with a walkbehind brush mower, is it worth getting one. I am not sure if it would work where I live but you never know until you try.
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    Walk behind Fastest walkbehind

    Who makes the fastest self propelled walk behind? I am looking at a mower that claims to go just under 5 mph (7.7 kph). I tried a Toro personal pace mower and almost had to run after it at top speed, which is what i want. I have found mowers that go around 3 mph are too slow for me.
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    Timemaster 30"

    This looks like a new mower from Toro, 30" wide twin blade. Toro | Timemaster
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    Craftsman maker

    Who makes Craftsman walk behind mowers? I have read it is either Husqvarna or MTD.
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    Buying Advice Front wheel or Rear Wheel drive

    Got my mind set on a new mower but just wondering what the benefits to font or rear wheel drive in a walk behind?
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    Attachments Troybilt zero turn bagger

    Going out to help out a friend of a friend with their new mower. As the title says it is a TRoybilt zero turn, they bought a bagger attachment for it. The problem they are having is that the clippings won't go into the bagger. The bagger came with a set of blades, do these need to go on the...
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    What is the best way to rid flower beds of weeds? I have been working at a friends house, the flower beds have been very neglected for a number of years. I have pulled weeds and weeds and weeds. Chickweed is taking over now. I have raked and stirred the chickweed back into the soil as it is too...
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    New from BC

    I guess I should have came here before my first post. I live about 1 hr. east of Vancouver and found this forum and checked it out. I am just a homeowner mower with a couple of extra lawns I do for friends. Looking to upgrade some equipment this off season for next year.
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    Tecumseh primer bulb

    I have an older Craftsman push mower with a 6.75hp tecumseh engine and it has a cracked primer bulb. Can the bulb alone be replaced or do i have to replace the whole carb?
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    Buying Advice Craftsman Professional line

    Just wondering if the Craftsman Professional mowers are decent quality? They come with 190cc Briggs & Stratton 875 Platinum Series engine, varialble speed rear wheel drive and electric start. The John Deere mower has the same engine and similar specs and $200 more. I cut 4 lawns a week for...
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    Fall powerraking

    This is my first post, Is powerraking in the fall a good idea? I mow lawns for a couple of friends as well as my own. One of the lawns is on the North side of the house and has lots of moss. I started mowing this one in early summer so was a little late for spring power rake