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  1. 2ball


    John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease Grease-Gard™ Premium Plus Is there anything special about this grease? Can I use any grease? I have marine grease, can I use that? and do I use one of the other or do they each have a different purpose?
  2. 2ball

    Changed a belt, doesn't sound right now

    I changed the broken belt on a JD X330. I don't think it matters, but the old blades were chipped, broken and they were dullest blades I have ever seen. (not my mower, helping a friend). The old blades and belt were original and lasted 3 years. In the past when the blades were engaged there...
  3. 2ball

    Why did this happen?

    I have turned my push mowers on their side to get oil out and this never happens. This mower was fine after.
  4. 2ball

    Cheap Chinses Carb

    A couple years ago, I got a free mower with a blown engine. I bought a $150 used engine and I have been running it for the 3rd seasons now. It burns or leaks oil and if I don't use the fuel shout off when I put it away it leaks gas into the oil. I recently with your help figured out which...
  5. 2ball

    Walbro and Nikki

    Walbro and Nikki are companies that make carbs or they are types of carbs? can I replace a carb with one that doesn't have a solenoid ?
  6. 2ball

    oil leak

    How do I figure out where this oil leak is comming from? I assume all of that dust is stuck to oil that has leaked from the engine?
  7. 2ball

    engine ID help

    I need help identifying a B&S engine. I am looking for parts especially a carb but want other information as well. If I know the model number all this info would be just a google search away. Here is what I got. Mostly I want to buy a replacement carb.
  8. 2ball

    lcd screen said chg oil

    So My led screen said CNG OIL. It did it for the whole hour right after I hit 550 hours. There is no intelligence in that right? It probably displays that every 50 hours? It wasent because the engine go hot or somehow it knew my oil was old? and there is no way to reset it like a car? also 48...
  9. 2ball

    Battery issues for days

    My battery bolts and terminals get corroded and then my mower won't start. If I clean then off it starts right up. below is a picture of the brass battery bolts I bought 2 weeks ago. What is making them so corroded? full disclosure, when I bought the battery 2 seasons ago I left the mower on...
  10. 2ball

    broke pull string

    What am I shooting for in pull string size? Can I just use paracord I have lying around? B&S 6.5hp
  11. 2ball

    1st start this season, power issue?

    I went tot start the riding lawn mower today and I just got a click when I turned the key. The battery was inside on a maintainer all winter. The battery tested at 13v. The positive cable that hooks to the battery was corroded. I cleaned off the corrosion. If it does not start this time I...
  12. 2ball

    battery bolts

    At the beginning of this season, I couldn't find bolts that hold the cables to the battery posts, so I used random bolts and nuts that I found. At the end of this season one of the nuts looked burned and that battery post was darker then the other one. Does it matter what kind of metal the...
  13. 2ball

    flywheel stops when I try to start it.

    B and S 17.5 HP I/C. When I turn the key to start it the fly wheel stops at one point. I have to stop, turn the flywheel by hand past the hard point. I have to do this a coupe of times before it starts. Its getting worse and worse. starter, battery warped cylinder?
  14. 2ball

    point me in the right direction

    My dads John Deere X330 wont start. Its about 3 seasons old. a couple cuts ago it quit running mid cut and he couldn't get it started. The air filter was caked with dirt. I cleaned it and the mower started up and ran. 2 weeks later the mower cut out mid cut again. air filter was still clean...
  15. 2ball

    battery and the seat safety feature

    I bought a brand new battery, started my riding lawnmower 1 time. When I am putting it away, I use the fuel shutoff I put in, and let the engine run out of gas. I get side tracked and never turn the key off of run. the engine counter put 100 hours on it. I tried to start it today and got...
  16. 2ball

    dumb question time

    How high would I need to get my riding lawn mower wheels up so oil does not come out of the oil drain hole when I remove the drain plug? I want to add a oil drain hose to the oil drain hole so I don't have another Valdez oil spill in my garage when I change the oil. if I got the "drivers" side...
  17. 2ball

    intek 20HP 31p977 0575 E1

    I got a free lawn tractor, Husqvarna YTH2042, that I am trying to get running. 450 hrs on the engine. From what I can tell the engine had a head gasket failure, it burned all of the oil out and then broke the connecting rod. I took the head off and can confirm the gasket issue and broken rod...