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    Kohler courage v twin 23 hp compression release valve?

    The engine runs good. Only problem is that the engine gets stuck for like a second when you spin the starter over with key. Then it will turn over normally and start. What could be the problem?
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    Troy Bilt Bronco hard to spin over

    It has a single cylinder 19 horsepower briggs and stratton. 2018 year model. Will post model number later. So when you turn the key, it gets stuck like it has too much compression. Sometimes the starter will make it through and allow it to start. But most of the time the starter just gets...
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    Briggs and stratton 24 HP V Twin over revving

    I have a v twin briggs 24 hp runs good but it sounds like it over revs when throttle cable is put all the way up. I’ve tried to adjust the cable but if i try to lower the maximum speed of the engine. The choke will no longer work properly. Any help is appreciated. Model: 44R677
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    2018 Troy Bilt Bronco starter is on even when key switch is on off.

    So i have a weird problem with this mower it’s a 2018 bronco with a briggs 19.5 HP. I tried to start it and everything was normal except that the starter kept on moving even after turning the key switch off. So i had to quickly disconnect the battery to make it stop. I’m thinking it’s the...
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    Briggs 24 HP V twin doesn’t start after using.

    I have a simplicity courier z turn with a 24 hp v twin briggs and it has a problem we’re it won’t start after using for about 40 min to an hour. I am thinking that it is the carb fuel solenoid going out or maybe the ignition coils but i don’t think both of the coils would go out at same time...
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    Husqvarna YTH22V46 idles higher when it warms up

    Mower is in good condition. It starts right up, but the issue now is that the engine runs at about 2500 rpm’s in low throttle. It starts to get higher when it warms up but when it’s cold it idles normally. I assume it’s an easy problem but i could use help.
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    Troy Bilt Horse XP Riding Mower Moves Slowly after drive belt changed

    I recently changed the belt on a troy bilt horse riding mower because the old one kept jumping off. Now that i put the new one on, it doesn’t jump off but now the mower is very slow and makes a squeaking noise like the belt is rubbing against something. I notice that the belt gets pretty hot...
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    Troy Bilt Horse drive belt keeps coming off

    Model: 13WX79KT011 Video of belt jumping off The drive belt comes off when you press the brake. There is a large space between the light brown pulley and the bolt that is supposed to keep it from coming off. I could use a little help thanks
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    Briggs 19.0 HP single cylinder slight popping noise

    I have a craftsman with a Briggs 19 hp and recently switched out the carb, yes it’s a new Chinese carb. But when I turn it on it makes a small popping/misfire here and there when it runs. There is also an adjustment screw on the side of the carb new carb (which I believe it controls how much...
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    Are Kohler courage single cylinder louder than the Briggs & Stratton single cylinder Intek?

    I’ve had a few single cylinder Kohler courages and they seem to be louder than the briggs intek single cylinder I’ve had. Is it just me or are they actually louder? Just curious.
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    Craftsman T2200 red paint

    Anyone know the red paint that the Craftsman 91720381 uses? I need it to paint the deck. I was looking for paint online but I cant find much, maybe there is a similar paint color in lowes or home depot? Any help would be nice.
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    MTD Powermore 679 CC V-Twin only runs on one cylinder

    I got a basically free Troy Bilt super Bronco with 50 inch deck and it starts but needs throttle cable replaced, it has a crappy Chinese mtd engine. Apart from that, it only runs on one cylinder, I noticed it since it would run very poorly with blades engaged and bogged down a lot. Both sides...
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    Why do some riding mowers die (especially MTD) when I try to engage blades at low and mid rpm?

    I’ve had a couple of riding mowers, which all have been MTD mowers. (Troy Bilt, Cub Cadet etc) It wasn’t all of them but some of them had to have the blades engaged at highest throttle or else the engine would die by itself. When it first happened to me it was with a 2009 Troy Bilt Bronco with...
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    Briggs & Stratton 500 CC 17.5 HP engine surging and misfiring

    31R977-0027-G1 I have a 17.5 HP b&s that surges badly and occiasonally makes popping noises. I switched out the carb with a new one to see if it was that but it also surges (it is chinese) and pops. The old carb also surges and pops. It surges a lot more when the blades arent off, when I turn...
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    Echo PB-580 T back pack blower smokes a lot

    I have an echo back pack blower that smokes a lot. I cleaned the carb and it starts and sounds fairly nice, but it smokes a lot and more when I rev it up. Don’t know what the problem is and I’m 99% sure the gas and oil is mixed well because I put it new. Any ideas?
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    Toro 20332 Personal Pace mower rear wheels make noise

    I have a toro which works perfectly fine but it makes a sort of grinding noise the more i put the rear wheels up. There is no sound coming when I am in the middle of the wheel adjustment but when it goes to the two highest wheel levels it starts to do the noise. It is rear wheel drive and the...
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    Echo GT-225 bogs down

    I have an echo gt-225 and it bogs down when I try to trim grass with it, it does not matter if the grass is thick or not. It idles fairly good and the fuel is pretty good. It does have a Chinese Carburator in it but it used to work good until like a week ago and the problem started. Don’t know...
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    Briggs and Stratton 150 cc engine problem

    I have a b&s 150 CC engine. It has no compression so I checked the valves and every thing seemed alright. I couldnt figure out what it was so I took the head off and saw that the piston would not move. I pushed the piston in with my finger and turned the engine over and it got pushed out a...
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    Cub Cadet LTX1040 stops moving sometimes

    I have a cub cadet ltx1040 and ran good and all but when I press the gas pedal it would move for about half a second and then come to a stop. Then I would press it again then the same thing would happen over and over, after that it started moving normal. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Cub Cadet LTX1040 wont go into gear sometimes

    It has an automatic transmission so forward, nuetral and reverse and controlled by a lever. It will sometimes work good and go into gear normally but other times it will stay stuck in the middle (example, in between forward and nuetral) Anybody know what could be causing it?