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    Kohler 22 hp 7000 Series KT725-3078

    I need ya'lls help again. After replacing the rectifier, oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air cleaner it ran like a top. My friend came and got it and he went to mowing the grass at the church he pastors. It ran according to him, great for about 45 minutes, and all of a sudden it went into and...
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    Cub Cadet XT1 with Kohler 22 hp 7000 Series KT725-725cc

    Working on a friends mower. A couple of days ago it quit on him after he stopped it to move something. It would not crank. He (not mechanically inclined) brought it over and and I found a blown 20 amp fuse under the seat. He went and got some fuses and proceeded to mow again and it did the...
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    Briggs 22hp Surging Badly

    On going Surging issue. I have a 44N677-0005-G1 with a 594207 carburetor. It belongs to friend of mine. It had an issue a few weeks ago with the solenoid not work and not allowing the engine to start. Once it was freed it ran great. Fast forward 2 weeks and running it to mow about 2 acres he...
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    22hp Briggs Carb Problem

    I'm working on a friends 22hp Briggs 44N677-0005-G1. At first it was a needle valve problem and was leaking gas by and filling the cylinders and crankcase with gas. I took the carb off and replace the needle valve, float and gasket. While it was off I cleaned the passages with carb cleaner...