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    HRX217K4HYA starts fine then dies after about 2 min

    This is a 5 yr old mower that was running fine when I put it away last fall. I did not winterize so the stale gas sat in there all winter. Drained the tank and bowl and added fresh gas. Started fine and then died after about 2 min. Tried removing the gas cap to see if that was the problem...
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    HRX217HYA blade

    It's time for a new blade on my mower. I've never really been satisfied with the bagging with the oem blade. Is there an aftermarket blade that does a better job (I never mulch)? I noticed another post that suggested removing the 2nd blade for better bagging; does that help?
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    HRX217HYA high lift blade?

    My new HYA doesn't seem to have as much suction as my old HR215SXA (same deck height). Is there a higher lift blade available from Honda or an aftermarket supplier? I have magnolia trees in my lawn and the new mower doesn't pick them up very well.
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    HRX217HYA forward speed too slow

    I have a brand new HRX217HYA that I purchased to replace my aging HR215SXA. The mowers appear very similar except for the transmission. My old model (a 3 speed) was almost faster than a comfortable walk in top gear. The new mower seems slower in the fastest setting on the cruise control. My...