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  1. tom3

    Goodbye 2020!

    Hurry up 2021!
  2. tom3

    2 stroke piston appearance

    Just curious, wondering what the piston top on a decent running two stroke is supposed to look like. Looking down in my blower and the piston is light brown and dry. I get a small chunk of light colored carbon in the plug gap now and then too. Seems like that piston should be some oily...
  3. tom3

    Straight shaft trimmer head re-lube, picture

    Finally found the 00 grease and took the trimmer head apart. 5 year old Craftsman 25cc straight shaft trimmer. Kind of impressed with what I saw. Roller bearings, steel gears, all looked really good but the old grease seemed like it was just a gob laying there. The new grease is a thick...
  4. tom3

    Selling or buying? Beware USPS now

    Wife and I are waiting on a couple packages, way overdue. They were tracked as received for shipping and nothing since. Do they have a dead package bin? Might look into UPS or FedEx, or pony express might be more reliable these days.
  5. tom3

    Duraforce blade clutch removal

    Duraforce motor. Like to get rid of this blade clutch but I'm wondering if the shaft is a special design with this deal? Shorter or splined maybe? Any tips for removal? Thanks.
  6. tom3

    Briggs pistons, chrome plated vs plain, visible difference?

    Had several (4 or 5) B&S motors torn down in the last couple years with the cylinder and piston skirts just destroyed. The top 1/2" of the bore where the actual piston doesn't ride is still decent on these. One new shortblock ran for one season. But I do see old Kool Bore motors worn out that...
  7. tom3

    Valve clearance, 12 CI flathead, plastic cam

    Putting this little engine back together, generic 12 cu. in. L head vertical motor. Checking valve lash and getting .003 on both intake and exhaust with the plastic cam. Old book I have calls for 5-7 intake and 7-9 on exhaust. I haven't changed anything on the motor, do the plastic cams run...
  8. tom3

    A web page is slowing down your browser

    Anyone else getting this message on Firefox? Searched around and seems to be from a tracking site of some sort? Problem with the site or here on my end?
  9. tom3

    Small engine sale - moderator check this?

    Not sure if this is allowed, no affiliation of any kind for me. Remove if not allowed. I figure there might be some serious interest. Small engine ware house is having a pretty decent sale on various motors, huge markdowns, till May 1st. Worth a look is you're thinking about a repower. I've...
  10. tom3

    Convert to float type carb?

    Anyone ever pull off the diaphragm carb and replace it and the tank with a standard carb an top side gas tank on a flat head briggs, single cylinder push mower engine? Would be an 11 cube recoil start old school motor.
  11. tom3

    F engine throttle shaft (re) bushing?

    My F engine is running way too rich and I can see the carb throttle shaft is loose, letting the crankcase pressure back through the carb at the WOT enrichening port. This port is straight into the crankcase bypassing the reed valves. Have any of you ever reamed and installed a bushing in the...
  12. tom3

    Low charging rate, Ideas?

    Basics: Craftsman GT riding mower 917.255980. Kohler 18hp opposed twin MV18s Magnum, spec 58556. 12 volt 15 amp single circuit type charging system. Electric blade clutch and headlights are powered from the battery. Checks at 3000 rpm give 29 volts AC (regulator unhooked), 13.8 volts and...
  13. tom3

    Straight shaft trimmer head maintenance?

    My gas straight shaft trimmer is 4 or 5 years old and wondering if I should pull the head apart and lube or relube? What is actually inside the angled head on these? It does seem to get real warm after a while. Motor is still running strong, original carb even. Standard issue Craftsman 2...
  14. tom3

    JD L130 blade clutch - adjustment?

    On my old Sears GT rider I can switch the blade clutch on and it engages pretty smooth but on the John Deere L130 mower it grabs and janks the whole deck pretty hard, even at a real low motor RPM. So is there an adjustment for this? Thinking it might be a bit easier on the belt and spindles...
  15. tom3

    Leaking gas tank, recall

    My mower has been leaking some gas for a couple years now. Just got it out and filled the tank and it's leaking pretty bad at this point. Did a search and found there was a recall on these, my mower is actually in the recall list. No Lawn Boy dealer around these days but I wonder if there...
  16. tom3

    F engine info wanted

    I've had this LB for a year now, 21" with the F engine, new coil, pulled muffler and ports were clean, tune up, clean and lubed everything. Runs pretty good, a bit on the rich side due to carb shaft wear I suspect. Just curious about the internals of the motor. Does this little engine have...
  17. tom3

    F engine carb. replacement

    Carb on my old Lawn Boy push mower with the F engine is pretty much wore out. Throttle shaft and bore is real sloppy and letting crankcase mixture back through bypass port into the intake, running pretty rich. Looking at new carbs, double the value of the mower for an actual LB replacement...
  18. tom3

    F engine reed valve replacement - hints?

    Need to replace the reed valve on my Lawn Boy L21 with the F engine. Looks like usual R & R except that the valve is part of the crankcase itself. Any hints or things to look out for when taking off the case half section? How is the case sealed at the split? Can't find much info on this...
  19. tom3

    2 stroke fuel lines, weedwhacker/blower

    I have a ten year old Craftsman blower, big old machine, powerful. Quit running last year, bought a new carb, fuel lines and filter. Running great until today. Pulled out the line, filter came off. Line was split. Putting the filter back on and the line just splits, roll the line between my...
  20. tom3

    Removing blade attachment collar/flange hint

    Might not always work but did for me. Wanting to check exhaust ports and muffler. Took off blade, put nut back on flush, two jaw puller tight enough to start bending flange, spayed with loosener stuff, put some heat on it, hit the end of the puller screw a couple times, wouldn't budge. Didn't...