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  1. Hammermechanicman

    How long have i had this

    JASO FB. OMG will probably blow up anything i put it in.
  2. Hammermechanicman

    Stroll down memory lane for me

    Link to a utube vid of the type of bowling machine i worked on in high school. My uncle owned a small bowling alley and i worked there all 4 years of high school. When i was 14 my uncle drove me up to Norwalk Ohio where the AMF school was and paid the hotel bill and gave me money to eat on and...
  3. Hammermechanicman

    Woo Hoo, I got got stim-U-lated

    Time for some hot wings and a new big screen TV (In my best Larry the cable guy voice) Maybe a case of 10w30 too.
  4. Hammermechanicman

    Do grounds really matter?

    Had a tough one in the shop this week. Mid '90s White/MTD rider. Blade electric clutch won't engage. Zip tie failed and headlight wiring fell against muffler and burned it up. One of fhe ground connections for the clutch circuit goes through the headlight wiring. Clutch uses 2 relays for a hold...
  5. Hammermechanicman

    Not the best Thanksgiving

    Got up Thursday morning to a half inch of muddy water in the finished basement. The hole in the pipe from the well leaked enough water to come up under the window well and push about 50 gallons of muddy water through the window. Only down 4 1/2 feet. Luckily neighbor has a backhoe. Got if fixed...
  6. Hammermechanicman

    Never assume things troubleshooting

    A guy calls me a couple days ago and asks if i can come look at his 1954 Ford 901 tractor. He had a tractor dealer send out a guy to do a full tuneup on the tractor. He said the guy has worked on it for 3 days trying to get the ignition to work. No spark after new plugs, wires, cap and rotor...
  7. Hammermechanicman

    Testing compression testers

    Needed a new compression tester for bigger engines and auto engines. After a little research i picked up the Innova 3612. I specifically chose this one because it has the Schrader valve at tbe very end of the spark plug adapter. Like my small engine compression tester Using both of these in the...
  8. Hammermechanicman

    Stihl day in the shop

    Got 3 creamsicles in the shop today.
  9. Hammermechanicman

    Well that was amazing

    The old 1989 Winnebago Brave with a carbureted 454 fired right up and it has been sitting in the barn for about 5 years untouched with half a tank of gas. I really doubt the generator carb survived and will have to be gone through but the 454 fired up and exhaust smells normal. Who would have...
  10. Hammermechanicman

    That's quality right there

    Customer brings in craftsman mower with tecumseh engine. Says it has run like crap since the day he bought it. It finally won't start. Look close at the valves. Had to clean a crap load of carbon off to see it. Valve is not bent and seat is not loose and stem tight in the guide. Customer said...
  11. Hammermechanicman

    Got me again

    Checked a bunch of vendors for a part. Only place i found it showing in stock was a vendor i don't really like ordering from but they had it in stock. 5 days after i order i get an email today that they expect the part to arrive from the vendor 8/18. You would think i would learn.
  12. Hammermechanicman

    Well that was stupid

    Well i broke my own rule. Customer brought in .mower and said it ran fine just sat for a year or so with gas in it. Opened the tank and sure enough rotten gas. Pulled carb and cleaned and rebuilt it, new fuel line and cleaned out the tank. Went to start it. Well crap no compression. Never take...
  13. Hammermechanicman

    Another new guy

    Hi, stumbled across this forum. I run a small one man power equipment repair shop.