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  1. Hammermechanicman

    Is there money to be made by working?

    I do a lot of same day service but i don't stock a large inventory of parts so i don't get a lot of the commercial guys. There is a shop that stocks a large inventory and does quick turnaround for commercial guys but they charge 3 times the hourly rate of me. They rape the commercial guys but...
  2. Hammermechanicman

    PowerCraft 63cc generator

    Plug a drill in and start the engine and twist the chuck by hand and see if the drill takes off. It flashes the generator.
  3. Hammermechanicman

    Is there money to be made by working?

    And i love the folks who buy a used mower and feel it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  4. Hammermechanicman

    Is there money to be made by working?

    I run a small one man mower shop. I quit flipping mowers. Most folks won't pay more than 3 or 4 hundred for a used rider. By the time i figure parts and labor to make it reliable enough to sell i am always over what i can sell it for. If you want to do it as a non-profit hobby for the enjoyment...
  5. Hammermechanicman

    Not drawing fuel ?

    Does engine have a fuel pump or gravity fed system? You say "drawing the fuel filter dry". Have you tried just removing the filter and see how it runs?
  6. Hammermechanicman

    Only runs if tank 1/2 full +?? Carb problem?

    The stens paper filter seems to work ok with gravity systems but i fit the red screen filters on customer machines just to be sure. Every year i get a couple mowers in where cust wanted a better filter and installed a paper one and then have fuel flow problems.
  7. Hammermechanicman

    Only runs if tank 1/2 full +?? Carb problem?

    Common issue on gravity systems is wrong fuel filter. Many paper type filters have small enough pores that the fuel surface tension causes fuel to stop flowing at a certain level in the tank. Also, a fuel line that ruses up higher than the bottom of the tank will cause fuel flow to stop at the...
  8. Hammermechanicman

    Only runs if tank 1/2 full +?? Carb problem?

    Is it a gravity fuel system or does it have a fuel pump?
  9. Hammermechanicman

    Chainsaw cause of death?

    Ever been on a FOD walk?
  10. Hammermechanicman

    Surging Tiger Cat 2 STCII-61V-26CV-EFI

    Sounds like my GMC Terrain from a couple years ago where the radio went ape sh!+ and the car would lock you out randomly, nav would go nuts, and the radio lock up. New radio under warranty fixed it. Would have been over $1000 if i had to pay for it.
  11. Hammermechanicman

    Gator vs Regular Blades

    I have gator style blades in my 61" ferris. I side discharge. Cut is as good as the factory blades. The clippings are finer than the stock blades. They have the fusion edge and stay sharper much longer than the stock marbain blades. I have not tried to much with them.
  12. Hammermechanicman

    Surging Tiger Cat 2 STCII-61V-26CV-EFI

    I have had a couple folks call me about working on EFI engines with running problems and i told them the $40/hr guy doesn't have the equipment to troubleshoot it and they will need to take it to the $100/hr dealer. Someday the return on investment to buy the equipment needed to work on them may...
  13. Hammermechanicman

    Chainsaw cause of death?

    Definitely sucked in some junk. It'll probably buff out👍
  14. Hammermechanicman

    Bolens ST-160 hydro eliminator

    I used to have a ST-16. There are differences depending on the engine and year made. Bolens specific parts will probably be hard to find as old as it is. Not sure where you can find a manual.
  15. Hammermechanicman

    How many hours on your mower?

    You talking about a Locke reel mower? In the barn i have a 1957 Locke triplex mower.
  16. Hammermechanicman

    Broken Transmission Mount Tab!

    Most any good welding shop should be able to TIG it back on and redrill the hole. May cost upwards of $100 depending on the shop.
  17. Hammermechanicman

    Badboy won't maintain battery charge while in use

    Meaure battery voltage with mower off. Start mower and run at full throttle and measure voltage at battery. Measure battery voltage with mower at full speed and blades engaged. These tests will give us a place to start troubleshooting.
  18. Hammermechanicman

    Briggs and Stratton 150 cc engine problem

    Either the rod is broken or the rod cap bolts have backed out. You will need to open the engine to find out. Not good.
  19. Hammermechanicman

    Another No Spark riding mower thread

    The burned red wire looks to have been spliced into a black wire. If the wire smoked when you turned the key to engage the starter then the ground from the battery to the engine is bad.