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    HRR216VLA warning

    I want to share info on this model. It's an electric start model that I bout as gift for my sweetheart. What I didn't realize was that this model has no throttle control. Yep. You start it cold and it goes right to full engine speed. I had no idea that Honda would build ANY machine without a...
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    Plastic gas tanks

    I'm having issues suspicions with the Exmark and other brands that use plastic gas tank. Specifically, my Exmark is an '07 and lately I've been having issues with gasoline flow to the carburetor. I modified my fuel system by changing the fuel line and adding tees along with shut-off valves and a...
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    Yamaha engines

    As far as I ahve been able to determine, Gravely and Bad Boy are the only manufacturers using the new Yamaha engines. I would like to know if these engines are dependable and if owners are satisfied with them.
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    my experiences

    After retiring in '08 and taking life easy, I began using my knowledge and experience of working on motorcycles to apply to ztr's and any other mowers. Word spread around my rural community as a go-to guy for mower problems. Mostly the info was spread by my elderly uncle who relied on me to keep...
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    Better than factory design

    Here is a mod that will improve upon ANY factory mower. This applies best to v-twins but will work just fine on any mower engine. My Exmark Lazer-Z HP came with dual tanks that shared a combined fuel line and a single filter. If the filter got the least bit dirty or had water in it, the engine...
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    Commercial maintenance practices.

    While I am not a commercial lawn/landscaper guy, I DO cut and maintain my own large acreage of about 6 acres to be cut. I was wondering if some multi-contract commercial folks would chime in on their maintenance schedule that they follow for their mowers. I think it would be helpful if the pros...
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    valve lash check/adjustment

    Being the old persnickety coot that I am, checking and adjusting the valves on my Kawasaki FH580V v-twin has become a routine maintenance task that I actually look forward to performing usually in late October when it's cool outside. The specs are for .004" to .006" on all 4 valves. I've been...
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    Gravely 200 or 400 series with Yamaha EFI engine

    Gravely has a few commercial grade mowers with the new Yamaha fuel injected engines. My 82 year old uncle wants me to go with him to look at these mowers. Personally, I have no experience with Gravely. My history is with Exmark and have been generally satisfied with Exmark, especially my dealer...
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    OK... Let's See Your Mower!

    I've tried everything I know to rotate this pic but can't fix it. Anyway, this exhaust setup sounds fantabulous! Along with a couple of other mods to the intake, the engine now runs cleaner and stronger. I have two videos with very good audio of the development of this exhaust. One with a long...