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    52" Raptor deck removal?

    I would appreciate some instructions on the best way to remove the deck on my 52" Hustler Raptor. Thanks.
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    Stihl Yard Boss with brush cutter blade?

    I'm looking for a machine to cut various shrubs around my property. I noticed that the Stihl Yard Boss can be outfitted with a trimming head which will accept a brush cutter blade. The implement can also be equipped with a pair of optional wheels. Has anyone ever configured a Stihl Yard Boss in...
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    Interested in knowing most hours on EZT equipped Raptor

    With all the talk of the durability (or lack of) of EZT Hydros. I'd like to know how many hours people have accumulated on their EZT equipped Hustler Raptors. All replies greatly appreciated.
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    First year with Hustler Raptor Limited

    I'm mowing 4 acres of gently rolling terrain with very thick grass coverage. So far I've put 76 hours on the Raptor this year and there's much more to go before the season is over. I've been very happy with the performance of the Raptor I sharpen the blades and clean out under the deck between...