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    Top Dead Center

    Trying to set the valve lash on my Intek engine. How do you tell if a piston is at top dead center?
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    24hp intek won't start

    My 24hp intek died and would not restart. I found it had an ejected valve guide and a bent pushrod in intake on the #1 head, and it had dropped a pushrod on the intake on the #2 head. I figured that was the problem. :) So I installed a new #1 head, installed all the pushrods and they are working...
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    stripped head bolt

    Trying to reinstall the head bolt on my Intek and it started stripping. What can I do now?
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    24hp Briggs Intek won't start

    I was running my Husqvarna 24v48 the other day, fuel was running low, and it quit. So I hunted up some fuel, found my can, but unbeknownst to me my Wife had filled my GAS can with farm diesel for the tractor :D . I started to pour and stopped immediately when I saw red fuel coming out. I don't...