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  1. RetireeRon

    How can a Honda mower be this bad?

    I know no one likes to hear negative things about the products we all like so well, so feel free to skip this one if that’s you. My HRX217 mower is back in the shop for the sixth time since I bought it new in January 2017. Let’s see, one of the drive wheels wouldn’t work. Both height adjusters...
  2. RetireeRon

    So disappointed in my Honda mower

    Back on January 17th 2017, I purchased a new HRX217HYA mower from a nearby dealer. I was told that the mower came with a three year warranty, and I paid just over $750 for it. From the very first I have had intermittent problems with this mower, and I have listed them below. * One of the wheels...
  3. RetireeRon

    Honda string trimmer question

    I have the HHT25SLTA trimmer, and as I knew I would I'm already tired of the bump head that works part of the time. After just the third time the head isn't working correctly. I thought I would ask this group if they know of a good, non bump style replacement head. Jacks small engines has a few...
  4. RetireeRon

    My six month review of new Honda

    Back in January I bought a new Honda mower from a dealer here in Florida. Paid over $700.00 for it, though the exact number escapes me at the moment. Now that I've had the opportunity to use it 7 or 8 times(major drought here this spring) I'd like to share my thoughts on this mower. First, the...
  5. RetireeRon

    New member with new mower

    Hi everyone! Just found this forum and am looking forward to participating with the Honda group. I'm a long time Honda associate from the auto side and recently retired.