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    What is Normal Operating Temperature?

    Star just heard the morning that people that have both of the injections with the Pfizer vaccine are 8 times more likely to contract the south African strain.
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    Brand New Honda ... Slightly Disappointed

    But keep in mind that the maximum recommended rpm is going to be based on blade length. the longer the cutting blade the slower the engine needs to run. I suspect that part of the issue is due to a different style blade. the old mower most likely is a side discharge blade and the new Honda...
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    stuck on trailer

    Going to need some more information. Can you post the model number from under seat. If not then does it have a R-N-F control either on the fender on between your legs, and another control that says 1 through 6 or 7 and a single pedal on the left or two pedals on the right side with one...
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    Scag Turf Tiger left steering jerks

    If there is a problem with the wheel motor and wasn't caught the pump gets trashed. If the system wasn't flushed after the pump rebuild then most likely the pump has been damaged from the debris floating around in the system. Hydrostat systems for the most part are a closed loop operation...
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    Poulan Pro PP5020 won't start

    You would think the rubber material around the bearings would seal those areas, but maybe they don't conform correctly causing an air leak. Did you put sealant on the mating surface around the cylinder base.
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    Craftsman leaf blower impeller nut keeps coming loose

    My poulan/husqvarna parts distributor shows the 530047077 as the superceded part number. And you need to order it since my distributor also shows it as NLA I got thinking that that hex part that is sitting inside the fan is supposed to be one piece with the fan not two separate pieces.
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    Craftsman leaf blower impeller nut keeps coming loose

    It looks like the plastic impellor can wobble on the hex part of the shaft. Maybe it is moving around loosening the nut.
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    Kohler 7000 series

    Bert I think you are confusing the 5400 series which replaced the Courage single bucket engine whereas the 7000 is the replacement for the Courage twin which has the traditional bottom oil sump.
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    z force 48

    Normally releasing the parking brake indicates a problem with the seat switch circuit. The mower thinks the operator is missing.
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    RM480E No Power

    At least if it is a battery issue you won't have to pawn your first 3 kids.
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    PHP 7.0.0 required error

    I have seen similar post all over the site from this guy wanting to contact admin about advertising on the site.
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    2009 Craftsman 18” Chainsaw Fuel Line Routing?

    This should be a similar carb as what you are using. In the second picture of the link of the carb that I posted the nipple on the top...
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    Cub Cadet LTX 1040 has a knocking noise when I shut it off

    My experience has been sometimes you can move the motor by hand and other times you can't, but can see it move when the mower engine is shut off. Sometimes 1/16 of a turn is all the motor mount bolts will turn when they are loose. I have a customer with a Snapper that will have issues with...
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    2009 Craftsman 18” Chainsaw Fuel Line Routing?

    Possibly have the fuel lines reversed where they are connected to the carb. the fuel line with the fuel filter should connect to the nipple closest to the side of the with the cover with single screw which would be the fuel pump side(nipple on right side of carb as mounted if I remember...
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    Cub Cadet LTX 1040 has a knocking noise when I shut it off

    Loose motor mounting bolts will cause a knocking noise when started and shutoff. If you open the hood at shutoff you may see the engine wobbling.
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    Clutch wires ripped out

    My suspicion is the anti rotate device has worn through or came loose allowing the clutch to spin. There were several of those JD that were bad at wearing the device through.
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    Clutch wires ripped out

    But before repairing need to determine why the wires got ripped out so it doesn't happen again.
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    Zero turn low RPM issue

    I am leanng toward a twin cylinder dropping a cylinder due to some mechanical or ignition issue.
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    20HP intek shakes and knocks when engage blade

    Loose motor mount bolts will normally show up when starting and stopping the engine. just the slow turning off balance clunk clunk sound. If the only time it does it is when the deck is engaged then I would agree with Bert about a deck issue.
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    DR Brushmower battery keeps dying, even replacements.

    Amanda the engine numbers that I am looking for should be stamped into the valve cover. I believe I may have the exact DR in the shop right now for spring service. Get you multimeter and then we can go through diagnostics May be more complicated than I originally though because they hid the...