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    belt size question

    i have the poulan pro snowblower model pr271 and the impeller belt finally gave up. the book calls it a 581 83 24-01 it turns out to be 35.4" long. so has anyone figured out the normal size of this belt so i may get on at the autoparts store or maybe lowes? the drive bel they crossed in the book...
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    toro 2 cycle snowblower ccr2000?

    i got this snowblower from the neighbor and he asked me to see if i can get it running. so this is what i found so far. i took the carb off and cleaned the bowl, and set the what may be the idle screw to from 3\1/2 turn all the way out to 3 turns and it will about start but not stay running...
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    how to flip over a boat

    i have a 14' boat on a trailer and i want to flip it over for the winter to keep the junk out of it. it is an aluminum boat and i do not have help to flip it, so i wonder if anyone here on the mower forums has ever built a device that can be mounted to this is the bow winch structure and let me...
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    dyt 4000

    i'm looking for repair tie rod ends. for the dyt4000 sears rider. yes i know i can get the complete tir rod but i'm wondering if they actually make the ends the can either be threaded on or welded on. and yes i will need to thread the rod or weld-on nuts like the extended nuts used in hanging...
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    help form the pro's

    i have a craftsman rider model 917.273350 and i need the bagger chute that connects to the mower deck. i went to the parts direct and found the mower but the chute does not look like it is the correct part. or at least by the picture. they give a part number of 131970 for the deck chute. but...
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    will this work

    i have a craftsman rider model 917.273350 and i need the bagger chute that connects to the mower deck. i went to the parts direct and found the mower but the chute does not look like it is the correct part. or at least by the picture. they give a part number of 131970 for the deck chute. does...
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    sears rider deck parts

    i have a sears rider i got used about a year ago and it came with one chute for the bagger. i looked up the parts for the model number and the parts listed do not look like what came with it. the previous owners drove it to me and forgot 1 or more chute parts and i did not notice until later...
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    control panel issues

    i have the poulan pro model pr271 snowblower and i had the control panel fail today. the forward reverse cable anchor on the underside of the panel broke off. after taking this apart and fabing a repair i discovered it was designed to fail. the cable mount is 2" higher than the lever the cable...
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    hard starting question

    i have a snapper push mower that is maybe 20 years old. i have not used it much because i got it for a spare in case my rider failed. 3 times i had to replace the flywheel key due to it shearing for whatever reason. they are cheap as hell and the next time i may just make one but this thing...
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    yardman push mower hard to cold start

    i had the neighbor drop off her yardman push mower today and she said it either will not start when cold or is hard to start when cold. she said both but it she must get it to start as she said it starts good after it warms up. so i too off the carb it looked clean and sprayed it with cleaner...
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    craftsman mower engine starting issue.

    i have the craftsman riding mower that has the 18.5 itek engine and this thing kicks back on the starter when cold and hot. more when hot. i have it on a maintainer so the battery is up to speed. metes says 13 volts before i try to crank it. it starts after the first cold kickback but when hot i...
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    crabgrass issue

    last year i posted about the grass i had n my yard. the group decided it was crabgrass. but being it was late in the year i did not bother just killing the yard off to fix it and it was to late to put anything on it. so now that it is about time to put fertilizer on the yard tell me will weed...
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    leaf blower carb adjustment

    i hope this is the correct location but i have a sears leaf blower and i can't get it to run. i almost starts for a second then stops. this is what i have done. adjusted the mag to 4 thicknesses of paper, took off the carb and blew it out took off the cylinder and found the ring froze to the...
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    what kind of grass is this?

    i have this grass taking over my yard. i grows so low that i do not need to mow it. it is a light shade of green broad leaf and looks like the pictures. feels good walking on it. my research is telling me it may be some type of carpet grass. i can see my original grass in it still but this grass...
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    polan pro powered chute question

    i have a 3 year old polan pro snowblower model may be PR300ES! i'm not in fornt of it now but on the polan site this model all look the same. anyway does anyone happen to know if this series came with the powered chute if so any part number i can get so i can research it or maybe even a line to...
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    growing a lawn

    ok i have a question is there a grass that i can apply that will just take over an existing lawn and still look good next year? i water 2 times a week in the evening for 30 minutes per zone. thanks
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    starting motor question

    i have a 17 hp briggs & stratton intek v twin engine and the starting motor bendix broke. i did not see any numbers on the starting motor but on the bracket i see these numbers on the bendix side it is 9807015m and on the back of that bracket it is 28154. are these bracket number issued to...
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    question on a snowblower

    i got a poulan pro 270 snowblower a few weeks ago. so far it seems like a good machine. it does bog down in deep snow but so far has not stalled. although i have stopped forward movement at the few times it bogged down to the point it seemed like it was going to stall. anyway my questions are...
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    dyt4000 who makes it? not sears

    i read on this forum somewhere about who makes the dyt4000 mower tractor but can't remember where so maybe someone here can update me once again thanks. i'm looking for a way to bypass the seat. got to be a way tired of it stopping when i have to move some off the seat.
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    craftsman snowblower help

    i have a 9-27 snow blower with power steering that has the one handle chute lever that controls the side to side and the up and down. the model is 247.88790 what i need to knw is did sears ever come out with a fix for the chute up and down? if i tighten the bolts i can't move the chute and with...