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  1. isaksp00

    How to make Honda HRA214 carb's throttle spring back to idle

    OK, I give up. I removed and cleaned the carb, and after reinstalling it, the throttle plate does not rotate back to the idle position even when the throttle lever is at idle. It is basically at full throttle no matter what position the lever is in. I am almost certain it isn't the position of...
  2. isaksp00

    How to attach spring on HRA214 throttle control linkage

    Took the carb off my circa 1985 mower cleaned it and installed new carb bowl gasket. I am still having gas drip from it, but I'll remove it and recheck the seal. However, when I replaced the carb I noticed that the spring on the throttle linkage came loose and I had not noticed how it was...