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  1. J

    Kawasaki fs730b. After 2 hours running.

    Thank you very much for the info. I appreciate you responding. I will try these things tomorrow and see what happens.
  2. J

    Kawasaki fs730b. After 2 hours running.

    My kawasaki on my gravley ztr will run fine at start up After about 2 hours of running it will start to back fire, miss and the will shut down and will not restart untill it cools down. Usually have to wait 8 to 10 hours before it will restart and run fine. Anyone have any ideas on what's...
  3. J


    HELLO ALL . I am stumped on this on. my exmark with a v735 kawasaki on it has an electrical issue I can not find. Yesterday ran all day no problem. Today it wouldnt start, just clicked. I have been fighting this issue for a cpuple of weeks. Today the new starter got very warm when I attempted...
  4. J

    Honda gcv190 mx8

    Thansk so much for that info, really appreciate that.
  5. J

    Honda gcv190 mx8

    I need to know how much compression my cylinder should have. I checked it and it shows 60 psi, I think that is low. Does anyone know what the compression number should be is on my gcv190?
  6. J

    Exmark 46 deck belt issues

    When running the deck ony 46 the long portion of the belt is slapping around alot. Souxh so that it's breaking the belt. Got new belt from shop but same issues. Have replaced belt and tensioner spring on deck but help. Anyone got any Ideas?
  7. J

    two different issues onn 2 different B and S small engines

    Ok I will check coils on both machines. Thanks again
  8. J

    two different issues onn 2 different B and S small engines

    Thanks for the reply. I agree that Auto choke is working. My question is why can't I get mower started when the engine is hot? Also thanks for advice on coil. I didn't think about that .
  9. J

    two different issues onn 2 different B and S small engines

    I have a craftsman push mower that has the thermostat controlled choke mechanism on it. The issue is that when the engine is hot the thermostat will not allow the choke arm to go to choke position so that it will start when hot. The thermostat arm remains forward thus keeping the choke arm...
  10. J

    echo pb500-t

    i did buy an aftermarket carb and i worked fine once i read the chart startech posted. I have most of the carb adjustment tools but the new carb actually came with slotted needle valves so I used a small flat head screw driver
  11. J

    echo pb500-t

    yes that helps very much. Thank You
  12. J

    echo pb500-t

    I am having trouble with carburetor. Can not get it adjusted to run properly. Does anyone have suggestions on how to set Carb on this blower?
  13. J


    Please help. I have an HRX217K5HYAA SERIAL NUMBER MAGA-2735815. Engine model number is GJAAA 3435787. Belongs to a friend who ran it without oil and it locked up. I looked online and found a new engine Model number GSV190LAN1L and need to know if that would fit on the one with locked up...
  14. J

    Kohler fuel problem

    My HQ has a kohler motor. After motor started missing at high RPM and,sometimes not starting at all I replaced carb. Mowed yard and it,ran great. Next morning won't start., new carb and filter, fuel pump is working or at,least its pumping when I remove fuel line and turn motor over. Any ideas...
  15. J

    John Deere 125. Single cylinder 21 HP koher

    I am gettng a Lot of oil from the breather tube that is runs from the crankcase breather to the fuel pump. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? Oil is literally running out of fuel pump when motor is running. FYI. When I Checked oil level it was very low. About 1 quart low. I...
  16. J

    exmark lazar z electrical problem

    Hello all. I am working on Exmark mower for a friend of mine. This machine sat for a couple of months without running then it went through hurricane Harvey and was flooded in 4 feet of water. It was running when parked. I have flushed the engine but now have an electrical problem. It will not...
  17. J


    Ok while trying to blow air thru the fuel line back into the tank to clean out some trash. I accidently blew about 20 pounds of air into the intake line and hear a POP which I assume was a gasket of some sort. Now when running oil is leaking out and seems to be coming from some where around the...
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    ok I have rebuilt the carb. It has spark but will not start, not even try to start. How do I check the coil to see if it is making enough spark to fire engine? I have disconnected the ground and it is making spark. All wires seem to be fine. Its sparks when switch is in the on postion and will...
  19. J


    Hi all. Please help. I am working on my lesco backpack blower. It seems to have lost spark but when I pull the plug and check I see spark until the RPMS die down from me pulling the starter rope. When I leave the plug in and I hook up my spark tester to the plug wire I down see any spark due to...
  20. J

    Faulty Delois, starter?

    2007 LT1000. When starting, turn key I hear a clicking noise. After several attempts it will turn over and start. Checked battery 13.02 volts, checked selinoid getting 13.02 into and out of selinoid. So starter or selinoid going out?