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    Re: Briggs and statton 14.5hp

    Good call on your behalf, the engine was in fact firing when the valve was open.
    When you replaced it did you dress the edge of the slot to get rid of the little burr ?
    If it goes out...
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    Engine Re: z445 dies after 10 minutes

    So your next tests is to remove the float bowl and work the float with your fingers to ensure that it turns the fuel off when pushed up and drops down to allow fuel to enter when released.
    It is not...
  3. Re: Raptor SD 54 inch drive belt keeps coming off

    Check the pulleys for a bit of debris stuck in the bottom of the V.
    Also make sure the tension arm is free to move and pushing the belt in
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    Re: Replacement engine for RM828e

    If that is a 900 series Ariens Rear Engine Rider then you will have to install the new engine east west across the frame.
    The new OHV engines are longer and will not fit into that space.
    From my...
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    Re: Honda GX200 Carburetor

    remove the tap.
    Lay the parts out in order as they come off then take a photo.
    once the seal on the tap is removed you have clear & clean access to the fuel line.
    Replace the rubber gland under...
  6. Re: Briggs and Stratton 20HP Opposed Twin Crankshaft and Pistion Journals have scorin

    The crank will polish up with some steel wool or Brasso or 1600 wet & dry used wet.
    Emery is way too rough.
    As for the rods, get new ones, they are cheap and never worth playing with.
    By the time...
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    Re: Brush blade selection

    There is an aftermarket blade which has a length of chain saw chain wrapped arond the edge which works really well.
    However like all chain if you dip the blde into the dirt it bluntens just the same...
  8. Re: Question of Kohler CV730 timing - Bewildered

    have a quick captain Cook at the timing key.
    Very common for one to break when refitting the flywheel unless you have used a piston stop to prevent the crank turning while tightening the not.
  9. Re: Runs, but stutters/mini backfires/misses. don't know what to call it.

    From the top.
    The solenoid does not shut off the fuel supply to the carb.
    It rams a plug up the end of the supply to the main jet to stop, fuel vapour entering the engine via the venturi tube.
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    Engine Re: z445 dies after 10 minutes

    Photos please.

    First thought is the pump is hooked up wrong.
    The fuel comes in one side & goes out the other.
    The pressure pulses come in from the top.
    Depending upon which pump you got, there...
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    Re: Grease points

    Post the numbers & one of the techs or myself will see what we can dredge up.
    The slightly more tedious method is to use the 13 number off you tag on parts tree , Jackes etc and look at the IPLs on...
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    Re: Grease points

    Support = service & parts
    You just got a link directly to the page.
    Drop your numbers in and a new page with what uus available will pop up.
    Should have the owners, IPL & service manuals for you...
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    Re: Opposed twin just died

    You check coils with the kill wire disconnected.
    The kill wire is a ground circuit so if the wire touches the body anywhere you get no sparks.
    On older engines there are usually quite a few sports...
  14. Repairs Re: Toro Z4200 Model 74360 Serial-270010720 Tracking adjustment

    In order to satisify the demands for cheaper & cheaper mowers because everything must get cheaper every year.
    The days of complicated drive adjustments on residential mowers are long gone.
    OTOH the...
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    Re: Grease points
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    Re: Bad boy rebel w FX1000V Kawasaki

    Engines have not run richer at idle for near 20 years and definately not since the fixed idle jets were introduced.
    Muffler runs cooler at idle as less exhaust passes through it per unit of time (...
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    Re: Mower can not start

    Test the kill wire for continuity to the engine
    In the run position it should be open circuit
    In the off position it should be ground
    Can't help you any more than that as Lawn Boys were never...
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    Re: Grease points

    How about the tension arm on the drive belt ?
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    Mower deck Re: D140 48" Deck w/ bagger Part Issue

    The one you bought 14 years ago is nothing like the one you will buy today.
    There is a SICKNESS inherit with capitalist economies now days that everything HAS TO BE CHEAPER every year.
    Cost savings...
  20. Re: Scag V-ride 52 inch w/Kawasaki FX730V Stalls.

    If you have nothing to do search my posts.
    You will see the same thing posted time & time & time & time & time & time again.
    So I can understand the "search for qwertyy " response but you are...
  21. Re: Stihl Yard Boss with brush cutter blade?

    For that purpose they bake solid blades for brushcutters
    Some have Carbide tip & others have a length of chain saw chain as well as plain sharpened teeth.
    These are safe to use.
    A lump of saw...
  22. Re: John Deere STX30 hydro winter project

    And as the under 40's say
    It never happened unless we see the photos.:laughing:
  23. Re: RTZ54 blades won't engage.... I have tried almost everything, It's not the clutch

    Never a truer word has been posted here.
    Not really a good idea to run with the deck safety system by passed.
    The most likely place for a break in the wire is at the plug.
    This is why I use the...
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    Re: Briggs and statton 14.5hp

    Because you are there with the mower in front of you & I am here with a screen in front of me, please expand your description of "Sounds like the exhaust valve is open when firing "

    It is not...
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    Re: Bad boy rebel w FX1000V Kawasaki

    No I do not believe you , convince me you are right .

    I made the effort to explain the mechanism which creates an after fire.

    You explain why shutting off at full speed prevents after fires.
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    Re: Grease points

    Get your machine details off the ID tags.
    Go to the Cub cadet web page and from the support section download the parts book,
    Scan down the descriptions for grease fittings.
    As for the rest of the...
  27. Re: RTZ54 blades won't engage.... I have tried almost everything, It's not the clutch

    That is exactly what happens when a wire is broken at a terminal.
    You get a voltage till you try to draw current.
    Get a pin and go back a few inches.
    Push the pin through the + wire and take...
  28. Re: Craftsman with Kohler 16HP, charging issue.

    Switch your meter to AC and test again.
    If you get reading then the diode is gone,
  29. Re: RTZ54 blades won't engage.... I have tried almost everything, It's not the clutch

    Because I am not totally familiar withthis mower, I need a bit more detail about the clutch & exactly how you are jumping it.
    Clutches come 2 ways
    One has a pigtail hanging out of the clutch body ,...
  30. Re: Stumbles at full throttle but only with light load.

    That tends to indicate a low float bowl fuel level a partially blocked main jet or partially blocked bowl vent.
    In the top of the float bowl there should be a hole .
    On most carbs it leads to...
  31. Re: RTZ54 blades won't engage.... I have tried almost everything, It's not the clutch

    The burning question is where do you connect the jumper to ?
    Get a pair of pins and poke then through the wires as close to the clutch as you can.
    The wires could be broken near the plug
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    Re: YTA22V46 trans issue

    Looks like not quite enough field testing done on the original design.

    Thanks for the post.
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    Re: Champion Generator

    Yes they sell them all over the place.
    I do not fix Honda clones unless I get $ 100 up front to cover the cost of ferreting around to find parts that fit.
    So now most of the too cheap for their own...
  34. Re: RTZ54 blades won't engage.... I have tried almost everything, It's not the clutch

    You need both a power and a ground to make a circuit.
    Did you check them both at the clutch plug ?
    Most clutches are isolated electrically from the mower so have no ground other than the wires.
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    Re: Champion Generator

    Well we do not get that brand down here but the spring around the governor / throttle rod looks way too heavy for a damper spring
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    Re: Stihl trimmer bogs and dies

    You start at the fuel tank.
    If it can not hold 10psi then the carb will not get enough fuel
    If it can not vent they you will end up with an air lock.

    Unless you bought all of your parts from a...
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    Re: Champion Generator

    On most newer generators the only control the user has is the low idle speed.
    The governor does the rest.
    The low idle is set by the screw while measuring the output voltage and get cranked up till...
  38. Re: Oil leakage @ bolt holes where deck gearboxes are bolted to the connector tube ..

    As for the local Walker distributor is concerned, urinating into the wind would be the appropriate description.
    Walker USA have been very helpful
    Walker Aust are a joke.
    I went to them with a...
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    Re: Cub Cadet zero turn drive problem

    Sounds like the right drive motor is cactus.
    I assume you have cleaned the drives & checked the the control levers are working properly and in particular the joints have not flogged out
  40. Thread: landlord

    by bertsmobile1

    Re: landlord

    Some where on the tranny will be the makers ID sticker, usually 3 of them because they fall off.
    Simplicity parts books are on line and the tranny model is also there.
    The tranny makers...
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    Re: Raptor SD 48" Deck Belt #?

    According to Gates it is a 6878BR which is a standard B section x 169.875"
    Which in reality could be interchanged for a B 170.
    Just remember it has to be a kevlar fiber reinforced belt.
    Having an...
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    Re: Carburetor

    My determining factor is slop in the throttle plate holes.
    If they are still nice & round, it gets rebuilt
    If they are flogged out oval then it is new carb time
    I have bushed some , just to prove...
  43. Re: craftsman t2300 transmission sticking,

    Sounds really like crud build up on the transmission preventing the levers moving
    Get it up ( the mower that is ) and get some air in there to clean all of the debris out.
    After that a little spray...
  44. Re: 26 hp intek belching after getting hot

    It is quite true Walt.
    The simple analogy is fans on cars
    Before they all went electric a lot had an auxiliary fan that came on with the air con and also when the engine fan was not shifting enough...
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    Re: So I'm thinking about a mower lift

    Can not put down any more concrete
    Can not build an outdoor service facility without building a flood proof oil & grease trap.
    Property owner can because his house is above the 100 year max flood...
  46. Re: Can you suggest value? Snapper Z Rider

    A reasonable tech should be able to replace the wires in 2 to 3 hours tops
    So that is 3 hours labour + the cost of the loom.
    This will be cheaper than getting the old one repaired .

    If your wife...
  47. Re: Z-737 Stalling When Handles Pulled Back

    Good point well taken
    Keep forgetting that I know how to do it & others might not.
    So for the benefit of DD
    The switches make connections flat to flat not edge to edge.
    The flats continue into...
  48. Engine Re: Scag SMTC-48Vhas no voltage to the key switch

    Scag is one of the few mower companies who actually know how to draw a wiring schematic .
    They put theirs in the parts book and the parts books are free download from the Scag web page.
    You will...
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    Re: Bad boy rebel w FX1000V Kawasaki

    Because the stop function works by killing the spark, the engine does several rotations before everything finally come to rest.
    Because of this fuel is sucked into the engine, not burned then blown...
  50. Repairs Re: Stiga Park Pro 16 - Any help appreciated :)

    Try a belt that is shorter by about 2".
    Get a standard auto fan belt to do this to save money.
    They won't last all that long bit then the really expensive mower belts you are using aren't lasting...
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