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    Toro lx420. - Bagger system inquiry

    I’m seeing a lot of 19A3000310em. Think that would fit ?
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    Toro lx420. - Bagger system inquiry

    Awesome. Thanks a lot !
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    Toro lx420. - Bagger system inquiry

    Hello. Looking into a bagger system for my ride on , however , Toros are insane in pricing. Does anyone know if another manufactures bagger system will work on this model ? thanks
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    Craftsman 316791080 Boggle down

    Hello So having issues with my weed wacker. . I left it outside and had over 2 days of rain . Barley got it to start and once I did it spit ton of rust out the muffler. Now it seems like it’s idling high(. String head moves by itself ). Also when I throttle up , it’s boggles than shuts...
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    craftsman weedwacker 31679108

    Hi everyone. So I forgot my weed wacker outside and it rained for 2 nights ... It wouldn’t start up as normal But I was able to get get it started after day of drying out. Now , rusty water is coming out of the muffler and it stalls when I put full throttle. I’m guessing carb is shot or...
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    2005 craftsman Lt2000. $400?

    How’s it going Thinking of buying 2005 Craftsman Lt2000. Person wants $400. But he stated below No bagger also The float stuck over the winter and filled the engine with gas and when friend tried to crank it ,it sheared the keyway. I cleaned the carb, changed the keyway, drained and...
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    Looking to buy first mower - used John Deere la 125

    How’s it going ? So buying new house 1/3 acre and has good amount of lawn. There is a used John Deere La 125 for $800 with bagger system. Not sure how many hours as of now , however they say it’s 3 years old What is a good/ bad amount of hours for 3 years & how can you tell the...