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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    Had a customer years ago that lived on a river bluff area and over time the sandblasting cut the bottom inch of deck off his JD.
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    Gcv 170 pull chord mech smashed to bits

    A little bit of loose cord hanging inside next to the rope pulley could of snagged the rotating fins of the cooling fan and started the process of destruction.
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    choosing a correct stator and regulator Briggs 14hp

    Without removing the flywheel and looking at your magnets there is no way of knowing which amp you have as far as output. But the most common are the 9 amp one input wire and the 10 amp two input wire regulatored systems. The difference in the 5 or 9 amp system and the 10 or 16 amp is the...
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    removing tight/stuck blade bolt

    Most of the newer mower bolts are 5/8" but the older ones like you have could be either 1/2 or 9/16"
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    Gcv 170 pull chord mech smashed to bits

    Something cause the starter cup to snag onto the starter pulley, and unless the rope was hanging loose I don't think it was anything that you did. Haven't seen that issue since the early ball starters on briggs and similar other engines when either the balls would stick inside the housing or...
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    Drive belt runs from the engine to the hydrostat transaxle. And like Rivets mentioned may need to remove the deck to get a good look at it.
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    Maybe a good time to take a good look up inside the frame at the drive belt. Could be worn and causing slipping on the drive pulleys when warm.
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    Husqvarna deck switch

    I not hard to get to it isn't hard to check for proper function with an ohm meter. unplug the switch and there should be 8 pins on the back. With the switch pressed in you should have continuity between the outside prongs in each row except the row with 2 if one of the pins is in the center...
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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    Oregon blades which also make a lot of OEM blades sharpens them to a 30 degree angle leaving the recommended .030 blunt edge and then they are painted which makes them appear even duller.
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    Cub Cadet XT1 with 547cc Intellipower valve clearance needed

    Looks like .004-.006 is the clearance for both valves
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    Possible death of a tranny

    Except when you need to replace the belts and you have to remove the pulley to get the belt off and back off because the edge of the pulley is jammed against the frame.
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    Need pros help. How to clean inside of wheel hub?

    Since you have a dremel take a long bolt cut the head off and then cut a slot in the end of the bolt with a dremel cutoff disc so you can slide a piece of sandpaper into that slot and then use a drill to turn the bolt with the sandpaper in the wheel hole.
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    Looks like it is a screen connected to the muffler with one screw. May have to remove that small screw and then slide it out of the slotted pocket that it sits in.
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    looking for ignition coil for lawn mower

    Current superceded coil part number is 590454.
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    Looking for Pro Z 100 service manual

    Looks like the only service manual info that offer for that is deck removal, transmission removal, belt replacements, tracking adjustment for the transmissions and how to repair the tapered roller bearing spindles.
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    DYT 4000 Acting Strange

    Thats for letting us know what the fix was.
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    DYT 4000 Acting Strange

    Get a couple of the blink type spark testers and pop onto the spark plug leads and go mower and when it starts acting up make sure both plugs are sparking regularly and not misfiring. It gives a hint that one of the ignition modules is breaking down due to heat.
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    looking for ignition coil for lawn mower

    What we need should be either stamped into the blower housing above the spark plug but could be under a decorative cover or stamped into the metal flap over the muffler depending on engine style
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    Fuel line

    If there is gas coming out then the float valve isn't sealing and the fuel pump is overfilling the carb. And definitely not the evap canister unless you want to replace it. @slomo It needs to be atmospheric vented and there really is not a lot of air exchange that occurs through that...
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    Fuel line

    If you are talking about the brass nipple then nothing connects to it. It is the carb bowl vent and has to be open to prevent fuel siphoning
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    Slow cranking

    Lets start with some engine information like the model number information. Certain engine are prone to specific issues but without knowing what engine you have it could be a pentastar for all we know.
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    Smoking engine

    If the smoke dissapates quickly it could be water, but I suspect it is oil smoke and the power loss makes me think it is dropping a cylinder when running. May need put a spark checker on it while running to see if it is dropping fire to the plug, or may not be a bad idea to pull the valve...
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    Kohler 7000 Series PRO RPM?

    What is the model and spec of your kohler engine Should start out with something like KT also the engine serial number will allow us to pinpoint exactly how the engine is setup.
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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    The 45 degree angle will be more resistance to damage and wear but will also be duller and be prone to tearing not cutting of the grass.
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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    Actually in my case I split the cost with my nephew who runs a stump removal business, and the same grinder uses the diamond belts so he can sharpen his carbide stump grinder teeth. Those belts are $134 each. but my 1-1/2x60 36 grit ceramic sharpening belts are $10.99 and will do about 80...
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    Electrical problem

    A 4 post starter solenoid doesn't ground through the base it needs one of the small terminals to be connected to ground to work.
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    slotted hole in top of gas tank craftsman push mower 247.377300

    That slot is not part of the fuel tank is it part of the decorative engine shroud
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    Smoking engine

    What color is the smoke. White/grey, blue or black.
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    Blade engagement handle

    Lets start with the model and serial number from under the seat so we can see what mower you are having issues with.
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    Let's talk about blade sharpening?

    I use an Oregon belt blade grinder aka Burrking 760 and a magnetic balancer. The Oregon blade sharpening recommendation is what is called the 30-30 rule which means sharpen at a 30 degree angle and leave a .030 blunt edge. All blades are wire brushed to remove all buildup and debris and for...
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    Briggs & Stratton 19.5 hp engine

    It could be the case that the engine you have may of been set up with a gravity flow carb and not a fuel pump style carb, therefore no fuel pump and no nipple on the dipstick tube to connect the vacuum tube to.
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    Carb. Settings

    1 turn out on both screws should be a starting point.
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    Mower PTO switch

    Robert put the deck at its lowest setting and then grab the deck belt on the left side of the mower and push it toward the engine pulley. Does it slip or turn the pulley. Slip means belt issue or tensioner not working properly.if it turns the clutch pulley then the issue is most likely...
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    What Did I Do??

    @Cajun power you need to go do your research and find the proper information for instance do no connect the two wires together from the solenoid, you will create a dead short and at a minimum blow the fuse and the worse will create the environment for a mower fire. And the 9 volt battery test...
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    Briggs & Stratton 19.5 hp engine

    Usually that area is blank with nothing mounted. But in some cases that is the mounting location for the 9 amp regulator/rectifier.
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    Toro 124T02 Carb Issues

    First thing you don't know the difference between the choke and the throttle plate. the spring will hold the throttle full open unless the engine is running and then the governor and the connected rod will work to slow the engine down. The current carb doesn't have a choke which is the reason...
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    Need Briggs and Stratton Starter part number

    That is the EPA tag and not an engine model number the Briggs model number will be in the format at xxxxxx-xxxx-xx and on Vanguard engines is typically a riveted tag close to the oil filter. But I have seen some of them stamped into one of the valve covers.
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    Briggs & Stratton 19.5 hp engine

    The fuel pump normal location is on the blower housing next to the air filter cover on what would the left rear of the cover if you were sitting on the rider seat with a vacuum line connected to the dipstick tube for the pulse line. It is held on with two christmas tree fasteners on the newer...
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    Briggs & Stratton 19.5 hp engine

    That is the EPA vapor line/roll over protection valve that mounts into the top of the fuel tank on riding mowers.
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    Can’t find fuse for lights

    I would thinking AC because it shows the alternator wire without a regulator or diode straight to A2 and in the run 1 position it connects from A2 to L and then straight to headlights, and then goes to the ground side of the equation. I didn't see any place that it would connect to the...
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    Can’t find fuse for lights

    Something to keep in mind is the light circuit may not show 12 volts DC because the lighting circuit could be AC. I am not sure what a DC meter will show when connected to AC.
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    How does this blade holder come off?

    Been several years since I had one off, but seem to remember that is unthreads righty tighty lefty loosy. So try hitting the left side of the blade bar with a hammer and see what happens.
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    Briggs V Twin 22HP oil leak under both cylinder heads

    The chances of both heads being cracked at the same location at the same time are slim and none. I would be looking higher on the engine like between the ignition modules side of the engine.
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    CH740 in new CC XT3 surging & dies

    With it being that knew i would suggest take it back to the dealer and let them figure it out under warranty. There may be a history of CC having issues on that mower with that engine that may not be engine related.
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    Bent crankshaft Honda engine

    Parts will run you over $200 and if you do the work yourself you need to make that call. For a shop to do the work NO.
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    Older Craftsman mower deck question.

    looks fine. two pulleys in the middle are idler pulleys and have to account for the deck being in different positions. If they were the same height as the outside pulleys the belt would come off when the deck height was changed.
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    Intake valve not opening.

    Most likely the tappet is stuff in the up position and you missed the end of it when reinstalling the pushrod. Need to take a look down inside the pushrod cavity and find the tappet and us the end of the pushrod to push it back down, being aware that is may be somewhat stuck.
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    Engine Running Poorly

    Make sure the choke shaft in the carb isn't binding. Over time the plastic shaft will warp and hang up inside the shaft holes in the carb body.
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    Carb advice for Toro 22" Recycler

    This is an autochoke carb. so either you are missing a few parts to control the choke or you have the wrong carb. Outside of that which could be the starting issue, you may just need to remove the bowl nut on the bottom and clean the jets in the nut.
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    Too much compression. adjusted the valves and it got worse

    Intake valve which is the bottom valve is set to .003-.005 and the exhaust or top valve is set to .005-.007. Normal proper procedure is to turn the engine by hand with the plug out until the piston TDC with both valves closed and then turn the flywheel to were the piston is 1/4 inch down from...
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    Craftsman DYT4000 power loss under load

    remove the valve cover and the spark plug, turn the engine over by hand while observing the opening and closing of the valves. Make sure they are both opening the same distance. Acts like a worn camshaft lobe preventing one of the valves from opening properly.
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    Discharge chute for Poulan self-propelled mower, model #093J02-002-F1

    Possible drive belt damage.
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    Mower decks explained?

    Your issue may be dependent on the make and model of your mower and deck. Without the mower model number we are just guessing what brands this could be without considering what configuration of engagement and deck design was used on your model
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    Engine issue,

    The charging stator under the flywheel produces AC output and the diode acts as a unregulated half wave rectifier. So the battery is recharged with the positive swings of the AC wave.
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    2020 Elite will not engage starter

    Check parking brake, direction control levers and pto switch to make sure everything is in the proper position for starting. Just takes one thing out of place to prevent the starter from engaging.
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    Engine issue,

    That would be the wire that connects to the battery for recharging the battery. the black bump above the connector is a diode. The ring connector on the other end of that harness should connect to the battery side of the starter solenoid.
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    Discharge chute for Poulan self-propelled mower, model #093J02-002-F1

    That is the engine model number. Should be another tag on mower deck with another model number
  58. I order - First and last order from me

    Sears has alway had the issue of showing parts in stock when they weren't. Would even charge your credit card for something that they didn't have available to ship. At one time they even use to give me a 15% discount as a commercial customer, but they ended that without notice. Partstree...
  59. I order - First and last order from me

    Partstree use to show the parts making it look like they were in stock, but you wouldn't find out until the order was placed and then went back a couple of hours later and check the order status to show that they had requested the parts from their supplier.
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    Carburator part identificaton and purpose

    That white fitting is for a remote primer bulb. But the problem is the remote bulb doesn't exist, and to make things more confusing the primer hose that connect to that fitting is actually listed in the parts diagram. I think the purpose is that carb is designed for multi use and one of...
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    Troy-Bilt TB32EC Weed wacker not starting

    Did you check for spark with a known good plug. After that then it maybe time to borrow a compression gauge and check compression. Below 90 toss in the trash.
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    How to replace Gilson's start motor?

    Worked on a Gilson a few years back that the front axle pivot was part of the Briggs oil pan.
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    What Did I Do??

    Full throttle shut off is the recommended procedure on Kohler engines due to the fuel solenoid doesn't shut off the fuel flow for the idle circuit in the kohler carbs only the high speed jet. So to prevent the raw fuel from being drawn from the idle circuit they say full throttle.
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    What Did I Do??

    I would say a combination of bad gas and oil in the cylinders that has seeped past the rings while setting. You may just need to run it to get the smoke and running condition to clear up.
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    Cub Cadet ZT1 engine surging problem (FR691V motor)

    I am leaning toward a bad talk back diode inside of one of the ignition modules. try disconnecting the kill wires and keep in mide that they key won't shut the engine off other than maybe the fuel solenoid preventing fuel flow into the carb. If the surging stops with the module kill wires...
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    How to replace Gilson's start motor?

    I am leaning toward option b.
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    How to replace Gilson's start motor?

    Most iikely bolted to the flywheel may be able to access them from underneath.
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    Magneto coil stop wire

    this is most likely the issue area. Most likely it isn't bad but if the cable doesn't pull the brake far enough it will not break contact with the grounding finger and will prevent spark. so it could still be a cable issue or the tab...
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    Who makes aftermarket pistons for B&S?

    Looks like list is $144.99 and my cost is $115.99, so 20% Trade account would get 10% and the Briggs store is selling for $133.77 so a trade account would make about $3.
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    Spark Plug Location? Craftsman Riding Mower RZ125H42B

    Which engine do you have on that mower. If it happens to be the Kohler courage single cylinder it is top center buried inside the blower housing Need to remove the blower housing to access it the easier if you have that engine.
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    L120 Blade Clutch......history of issues?

    My customer a few years back with the L120 went through 4 in 750 hours. first two were replaced under warranty, and I did the last two replacements and did the burnishing before they left the shop. I could see lack of burnishing leading to slippage and wear, but in these clutches there...
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    L120 Blade Clutch......history of issues?

    I have seen my fair share of electric clutches on the L series short and take out the pto switch at the same time.
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    stump grinder

    Most homeowner units are small handlebar walk behinds that will work you if there is very many stumps to grind. Bigger units have a much bigger cost of ownership. Maybe look into a rental unit and rent one for a couple of days to do your stumps. but wouldn't be a bad idea to get the local...
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    17CRCACA009 PTO problem

    Does it have a relay that MTD claims that doesn't exist.
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    17CRCACA009 PTO problem

    My first guess would be clutch air gap too wide, but that could just be a symptom from a host of other issues, like faulty pto switch, faulty mow in reverse system, low charge/battery voltage, or faulty seat switch,
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    Hustler Dealers Dissappearing

    Hustler and Big Dog are now owned by Stanley Black and Decker which also owns MTD, Cub Cadet, Troybilt, so I wouldn't be surprised if that line doesn't either get rolled into the Cub Cadet dealer line or spread to the full service dealer network. Dixie chopper is owned by Alamo Group the...
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    Fuel disappears

    I suspect that you have a leak but it isn't draining fast enough to leave a puddle. Just had a customer experience the same thing on their Craftsman Z-turn and a mouse had eaten a hole in the fuel filter.
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    Cub Cadet # 2155 (grandsons)

    Seat switch or associated wiring
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    pulling briggs engine camshaft out of mod 461707 type0145-E1

    At least one valve was being held partially open by the camshaft lobes and since they are sitting on the tappets there is nothing to prevent slipping of the tappets, but the spring pressure will prevent them from being reinserted easily.
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    I'm no mechanic, need help...

    The only one on your list that screw the dipstick in is the Briggs. Kohler is set on top of the threads also. There was an issue with one engine that they said to screw the dipstick in but that changed after the dipstick replacement service bulletin That engine went from 64 oz to 56 oz oil...
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    pulling briggs engine camshaft out of mod 461707 type0145-E1

    Removing the push rods will allow you to push the tappets out of the way. and you will need to adjust the valve clearances anyway so doesn't require much extra work.