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    Yardman Chipper SC5?

    Yes I have the cover, I looked at that cover 10 times, and since you posted this I looked again and found some numbers. Real hard to read. Here is a pic. Can you make any sense of these numbers? Looks like a bunch of numbers are missing. Thanks
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    Engine 19HP twin only runs with choke 1/2 on

    The bell 206 series has a single nut, and I think it is around 300ft/lbs, the bell 407 has a single nut and it is somewhere around 800 ft/lbs. Most of the others have a large nut that is not really torqued, just hand tight, then 12 or so other smaller bolts are put on it and tightened up. This...
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    Yardman Chipper SC5?

    Thanks, wife picked it up at a garage sale a couple years ago for cheap. 20 bucks I think. It had carb issues but ran. I let it sit and kind of forgot about it. I cleaned up the flywheel, and the spark plug works in my other equipment. I can find a parts list of everything but the engine parts...
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    Engine 19HP twin only runs with choke 1/2 on

    Yes, you should see the ones with floats on them. All of ours are equipped with emergency floatation. Packing those things in is a real PITA. Here is one of the ones I take care of right now. This is a S-92, the other is a AW-139, and a S-76 C++.
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    Yardman Chipper SC5?

    Looking for a ignition coil for a yardman chipper. Has 5 hp written on the cover, but no other info I can find on the engine. MFG.Date reads 240650/J109C, but nothing specific comes up when I type that in. On yardmans website I have to know the year to find the right parts. Any help is...
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    DR All Terrain Mower?

    My neighbor gave me a walk behind mower that has been sitting for a while. Got it home and it started up, and moved. Need to order some parts for it, but can't find a model number anywhere. Can someone help me narrow it down. The engine was manufactured in 1999. Thanks Brad
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    Got this from my dad, and the primer bulb is shot. Either looking for a new primer bulb, or carb (since it has not been run in a extremely long time). It has spark, but with the bulb busted it won't start. Where would I find a bulb or carb. Looked online, but could not find any for the 3.5 hp...
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    Cordless hedge trimmer?

    Got lots of trails to keep clean, on 64 acres, so corded will not work. Wife wants to be able use it to, so thinking of a cordless model, does anyone have any first hand experience. Looking around and I found this one, got great reviews. This one says it will cut 3/4 inch brush which is plenty...
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    OK... Let's See Your Mower!

    2006 jacobsen Turfcat 2010 kubota MX-5100
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    Jacobsen 628D

    When I push the lever to go forward or backwards it is very jumpy(stiff). I lubed all the spots I can get to. I just got the mower and plan on changing the fluid and filter is there anything else I can do to make it smoother?
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    Need advice on buying a riding mower

    I picked this up for 2900, needed about 400 bucks worth of parts. It should last me forever. 24hp kubota diesel, no transmission and 4wd.
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    Picked up this turfcat 628D today

    So far I really like it, but have to order parts for the deck lift and get a idler pulley unstuck.
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    New member from Texas also

    Live in east Texas on 64 acres. Been having a Kubota MX-5100 hydrostatic 4X4 since 2010, and bought a jacobsen 628D with 72 inch deck today. Needs a little TLC and has 2k hours on it. Hoping to find people that know a little about them.