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  • I looked up mowers by both brands that were similar and you can compare the specs here (to see which one you like):
    Red Hawk: Honda 11HP Red Hawk Walk-Behind Belt-Driven Mower with 32" Cutter Deck*-*Redhawk*32H110B
    Wordlawn: Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc.
    Those brands are not popular around here but in my opinion they are about equal, so I would make a thread to see what other people think. :smile:
    So the Lesco 32 you bought won't fit through the gates? Both Red Hawk and Word Lawn are popular for homeowners in some parts of the country, personally I would go for a different (more popular) brand, but that's just me. I would suggest making a thread about it. :smile:
    Good luck!
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