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Thread: Who made this snowblower?

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

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    I picked this blower up the other day and all it has on it is a sticker on the auger housing that says (dynamo). It is a 26" three stage with an 8hp engine. I need to find out who made these so I can see if parts are still available.
    100% Sears craftsman(made by AYP/roper). I've owned a bunch of em (parted them out too). the parts aren't too terribly hard to come by, and the machines themselves are built pretty well..they easily match up to a Toro from the same era. The only downside is the positive drive axle makes pushing it really hard when the wheels are both locked..oh and those definatly should have some chains.

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    You have a Mid 1960's era AMF / Homko Snowblower. My father bought one of the first ones made around 1963. I know a lot about them and still have the Owner's Manual (but the machine was scrapped long ago). Model # was 13610000

    Here is a brief History if you are interested:

    AMF Corp (the company that now primarily sell bowling equipment) decided to get in the Lawn and Garden Business in the late 1950's. Ariens and a few other companies had developed a good two stage Snowblower design that worked very well compared to earlier machines. 滴omko Corp. out of Des Moines, Iowa was primarily selling lawn mowers in the 1950痴. AMF Corp bought them up and continued the same name for awhile and plugged some money into the company to develop their own line of snow removal equipment.

    For two stage models, there was the AMF 滴usky" model looked a lot like older Ariens snowblowers and had a 5 HP Tecumseh Engine. The ? stage model was called the 撤olar Bear and had a chain drive 電rift buster auger on top that fed high drifts into the lower auger. These came with an 6 HP Tecumseh and later with a 7 or 8 HP.

    Starting in the late 1960痴, AMF started making the same machines for Sears and a few other companies. They were painted different colors but were the same basic machine.

    AMF made these up until the early 1980;s or so then got out of the business and sold off all the assets to NOMA and then later over to Murray Corp.

    Parts for our machine are obsolete long ago but there are still a lot of them out there you will have to hunt around on Ebay or lawnmower scrapyards for parts.

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    Hello bobbydj... & WELCOME to LMF...

    Great information in your First post... Good to have you here with us... KennyV

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    Thanks for the information. Oh, back in 69 AMF also owned Harley Davidson. The quality was poor.

    Welcome to the forum.


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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    I just obtained one of the Homko snowblowers with steel wheels and am looking for more information. I'm restoring the machine and got it to run today. I would be interested in getting a copy of the owner's manual that was mentioned in this thread. Would you be willing to sell the manual or make a copy? If you are, please advise.

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    WELCOME to LMF....
    Here is a neat youtube clip about that snowblower, including the manufacture ...
    1962 Homko Snow blower walk-through by Western Tool - YouTube
    Interesting early design... KennyV

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    It looks like a Dynamark . The engine looks like a tecumseh HM80 and you should be able to get parts for it at any dealer the drive belts can be purchased at any outdoor power equipment or auto parts shop. The tires most likely any farm suppy store or outdoor power equipment dealer will have or can order.

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    Re: Who made this snowblower?

    The 536. Is made/was made by Murray now Biggs & Stratton. You can get some parts through Sears online parts they do come in Biggs & Stratton boxes mostly same numbers. I own one those craftsman 32" inch wide with the drift breaker on it worked good until the chain on the drift breaker cult the end of the auger. That broke the auger transmission case and did bend the drive shaft for the augers. If you know where and who to ask you can find most of the parts needed to repair it. Mine is now 31 years old and I get it back together will work good as new. The engine is 10hp an runs like new never needed only the carb rebuilt once and one spark plug. I have used synthetic Mobile One 0W30 motor oil in it. The repair I am doing has been a fight getting the augers off and the impeller drive pulley off and the shaft bear behind that pulley. The way to do is drill two holes through the pulley making sure you drill through the pulley arbor, drill at least two 3/8"inch holes. You then can use a steering wheel puller or other suitable
    Quote Originally Posted by HCBPH View Post
    The more I look at that one, the more it looks like it came from the same people as made these. These are Murray but the underlying designs I believe came from some of the companies that Murray acquired, including AYP and Roper (I think)
    Though the paddles are different and the 3d stage housing is shaped alittle different in the curve of the addon 3d stage housing, there's alot of similarities between yours and this one. Additionally the base auger housing has the same shape (Craftsman 536.918900). This one is a gear drive transmission unit.

    This is where the similarities really come into play. This one has has a friction disc drive but the auger gearbox, augers and base housing look like yours. This is a Craftsman 536.90515 machine

    Additionally yours also looks like it has the bolton auger bearings on the end of the auger housing, I suspect the shafts only run half way down the augers and the ends of the auger housing bolt on like all the Murray originated ones I have.
    I suspect that the basic design came from something like AYP but may have been sold under either label, assuming it was not a Craftsman labeled machine.

    I don't know how Murray assigned serial numbers to their own labeled machines, but those sold through Sears started 536 so that may be your starting point.

    Good luck.

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