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Thread: self propelled gear box question

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    self propelled gear box question

    anyone know how much gear oil the gear box holds on a self propelled snapper push mower?? also i see they sell "00" grease for the tranny? is this the only weight that can be used?

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    Re: self propelled gear box question

    I've used some Pennzoil 80W-140 gear oil for my Snapper that my Dad had left in his garage.

    I think any good multi-viscosity gear oil like that would be fine. If your mower is still under warranty then go ahead and use the Snapper brand to avoid any issues. pn: 2-9443

    As far as the gear case capacity I don't know but you may be able to find that in your manual. Or, try looking it up on snapper's website. I think they may also have manuals to download.

    It's filled to just the top of the gears so, it might hold a quart at most if I were to guess. I've only topped it off before when I needed to.

    Hope that helps some.

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    Re: self propelled gear box question

    Well, in this thread the advice is to not use gear oil:

    I've never had any problems with it but they're the experts. Go with the Snapper brand recommendation then.

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    Use 00. Any other will most likely leak

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    Re: self propelled gear box question

    Yes if you use other than oo grease they will weep and leak, the gearbox has enough lube if when you take the cap off the top and roll it back and forth a few times , if the gear you can see is wet with greae it is full. try to find someone that stocks the small bottles, a quart will last you for years, to be honest they rarely even need topping up, mainly have it for the vary rare tear down and repair.
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    I have seen many time though where the grease inside the tranny is dry almost like dirt. When it's like that the bearing doesn't get lubrication and will fall apart and jam up the transmission. Only relaxed the grease if it's dried up otherwise no need to add any

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    Re: self propelled gear box question

    i've used snapper 00 grease for the last 15 years with no problem whatsoever. i squirt in about a tablespoon or so into the gearbox as i'm slowly rolling the mower so as to apply grease as the gears ar spinning...just to apply more evenly. i'll check the gearbox at least once a year.

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    Re: self propelled gear box question

    I would say Lubriplate 105. Thick enough not to leak but also thin enough to flow to lube the gears and bearings. This is the lubrication they use in the antique outboard boat motor gears before they use the modern style seals.

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