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Thread: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

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    Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    I bought an '02 Snapper RER with a 17.5 Briggs with a broken clutch/brake cable. I have replaced the cable and rubber drive disc but now when I press the brake I get a terrible scraping sound from the disc area. It didn't do this before I replaced the disc. I've replaced them before and I think I put everything back the way it came off. Not much to it. I'm at a loss as to what it might be.

    Also when I release the clutch, the mower hesitates before moving. This is why I replaced the disc. I thought the old one might be worn to the point it was slipping. I also have to push the brake all the way down to stop. Do I need to adjust the cable or something? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    It sounds like your pulley is rubbing on the chain box. Mine did this when I installed a 5.5. My break cable also broke, but I have gotten used to it just engine breaking.
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    Re: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    The sound went away when I adjusted the drive plate. Now all I have left is a reverse problem. When I put it in reverse I have to push the gearshift as far as it will go and after a couple of seconds of nothing, it will finally start slowly going backwards. What could cause this?

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    Re: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    Have used Snapper mowers for years .You may need to move the disk down just a tad bit more,or adjust the shifter back a little.Good luck...........

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    Re: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    I've found on my Snappers that A reverse problem is usually a disk that's not adjusted down (tight) enough It'll slip in foward, too, if mal-adjusted. Or, as Dannie said, adjust the shifter til it's right, if there doesn't seem to be any slipping.

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    Re: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    Thanks for the reply. It doesn't slip going uphill so I'm assuming the disc is tight enough. How do I go about adjusting the shifting lever?

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    Re: Snapper Clutch/Brake Problem

    please elaborate on "adjusting the shifting lever..............."


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